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Advertise my Band

Advertise my Band

Wondering how to advertise your band? Music Gateway can take your release to the next level by promoting it across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat & Spotify.

Let our talented team grow your reach and fanbase by promoting your release to a targeted audience. We deliver real results by ensuring your music reaches those who can’t wait to hear it.

Below is a range of options designed to amplify your music and profile to the right people, with custom budgeting to receive the results you want to see on your campaign!

If you are unsure about which option is right for you, book a call with our Artist Services Team.

Select your budget for each platform




These are estimated figures and are dependent on a lot of other variables. These figures are only a guide and vary from campaign to campaign. For more information please see below*.

Your budget of {{currentCurrency}}{{Number(totalCalculated.cost).toLocaleString()}} could get you:

{{Number(totalCalculated.clicks).toLocaleString()}} clicks

{{Number(totalCalculated.impressions).toLocaleString()}} impressions

Potential audience reach

*We cannot guarantee link clicks & views - the figure is an estimate based on previous campaign results. These are rough figures only and your results may be less than or exceed these estimates.

Campaign success may differ dependent on targeted demographic, territories, timing of campaign & nature and quality of content.

Music Gateway can not guarantee link clicks or predict engagement, and will not take responsibility for results that differ from the estimates above.

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