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Ashes In The Snow Sync Placement For Chris Hutchinson

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Ashes In The Snow Sync Placement For Chris Hutchinson

A massive congratulations from us to Chris Hutchinson from NEVERGONE on getting a successful sync placement in the trailer for ‘Ashes In The Snow’. We caught up with Chris to hear about his experience with sync, what he thinks of the film and the advice he has for you!

About the film: ‘In 1941, a 16 year-old aspiring artist and her family are deported to Siberia amidst Stalin’s brutal dismantling of the Baltic region. One girl’s passion for art and her never-ending hope will break the silence of history.’

Many thanks to Soda Creative for working with us on this one! Ashes in the snow is out now and you can see the trailer with Chris’ placement below:

Was this your first sync? If not, what placements have you had before?

Back in 2012, I produced Ed Prosek’s cover of Paul Simons Homeward Bound which was used in the cathedral city cheese TV ad. More recently I produced an album for US Artist Aisha Badru. It was synced on a host of US TV shows such as the Vampire Diaries spin off the originals. Ashes In The Snow, however, was the first time my own composition was placed so this is a huge deal for me and the project NEVERGONE.

How did you feel when you heard that you got a sync placement?

I think everyone who creates or writes knows the process of working and working and not feeling like you’re getting any traction or notice. It’s a huge part of being a musician; the early stages can be brutal. Getting any interest is like the universe saying this is the right direction but to get a placement; its a validation of all the work you’ve put in; all the tracks you wrote and produced before it, all the hundreds of emails you sent. So I felt reinvigorated to continue pushing myself and the project forward.

Chris Hutchinson Artist Producer Ashes in the Snow

What have you got out of the sync placement so far?

Firstly it’s been a great calling card to start getting my name out there. The trailer had a load of exposure through the youtube trailer channels so that’s been awesome! And the money is going towards my next set of recordings. I’m also working with a couple of artists early in their careers and it’s great to show that sync placements are a realistic goal for independent musicians.

Have you watched the film?

I have, it’s beautifully put together and Volker Bertelmann did an incredible job of scoring all the moments of building intensity and deep sadness.

Ashes in the snow Music Gateway Sync

How has your experience with Music Gateway been?

I’ve always liked how straight forward the opportunities section of Music Gateway has been. It really drew me to the site in the first place, the whole process of placement was simple and the whole team was supportive and available to answer my questions every step of the way.

What would be your top tip to anyone trying to secure a sync placement?

It’s a numbers game. The more tracks you write/produce, the better you’ll get and the more likely you’ll have a great record to pitch. Then pitch, pitch, pitch; when you don’t have the back catalogue or reputation of an established artist to help secure sync, then you’re hoping that a music supervisor will just click with your track. This is completely personal to them so you can’t know beforehand. Whatever you do, just keep going.

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