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Aspiration and Inspiration Chloe Temtchine’s Moving Music Career

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The Music Gateway community of music professionals is full of incredible artists and incredible stories. One of these is Chloe Temtchine’s inspiring story of how her amazing talent has helped her to cope with  a life-threatening disease and push through adversity. We were fortunate enough to talk to her about her music career, her upcoming projects and being part of the MG community.

Chloe describes her music as “Soulful Pop” and given the fantastic library of original songs and covers on her YouTube channelthat’s a very accurate description. Chloe also speaks and perfoms at numerous medical conferences about her battle with Pulminary Hypertension and tours pediatric wards across the USA spreading her message of hope and positivity to terminally ill children. You can see why we’re very proud to have her in our community.

What are you working on at the moment? Do you think you spend more time writing or recording?

“I’m working on several exciting things: an album, a documentary and a hospital tour which was inspired by an 8-year old girl named Humayra Bodhania, who recently died as a result of Pulmonary Hypertension (PH). The tour, created in her honor, will involve my visiting different hospitals throughout the US to spend time with and to perform for kids with PH and other chronic illnesses. This tour will also be featured in the documentary we’re working on.”

You were kind enough to tell us about how being diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension has affected your life, how did that affect your music?

“There is so much more meaning to everything I write now, which tends to revolve a lot around the themes of survival, hope, and faith. I went on a bit of a songwriting rampage after being diagnosed because I didn’t know how much time I had left and I had so much to say. When I’m writing music I live in a world in which PH does not exist. Music has not only helped bring me back to life but, as cheesy as it sounds, being diagnosed with a fatal disease has actually brought so much more life to my music.” 

How did you find Music Gateway? How do we help with the direction your music career is going?

“My musical life has shifted over the course of the past five years. I’ve entered a world that I wasn’t aware of prior to being diagnosed: the world of health. I now perform and speak at events for sales teams, pharmaceutical companies, patients, doctors…. It’s been truly amazing to be able to use my music not only to bring awareness to a cause but also to help reinstill hope in those that have lost it.

“It occurred to me recently that I’ve been in music without actually being involved in the music industry. I haven’t paid much attention to things like music licensing and placements. I was inspired one night to surf the net for licensing companies when I stumbled upon Music Gateway. 

“I loved the idea of it being non-exclusive, of being able to submit as frequently and as much as I’d like to, and I liked knowing that I could cancel at any point. I gave it a go and have found the company to be great. The people who work for Music Gateway couldn’t be nicer or more helpful. And I love that when you submit a song, you receive actual feedback as to why the song was right for the opportunity or wasn’t.”

You’re quite the YouTube star as well as being an inspiration and a super talented musician, how did that come about? How do you find the time to make content?

“Well, thank you! Ironically, I decided to start focusing on YouTube when my left vocal cord became paralyzed. (Unfortunately, due to the immune condition causing my PH, my left cord is permanently paralyzed.) I tend to like to challenge myself, so I decided to go full force when I could barely sing. 

“A friend of mine by the name of David Choi, who has been huge on YouTube ever since the beginning of YouTube, had been trying to get me to upload videos for years, and I finally listened.

“I find that one can always make time, and I’m usually quick when it comes to creating. I produce my covers myself, and I film and edit everything myself, so I don’t end up having to wait for anyone. Also, I don’t enjoy taking breaks, so I usually have a quick turnaround when it comes to covers.

“For originals, things usually take a bit longer and I work with several producers who are amazing. This allows me to focus my time on music videos, editing, and writing. But creating is what I love to do, so if I think the song is worth it, I find time to squeeze more hours out of a busy day.”

At MG we’re all about collaboration being one of the best things you can do in the industry, what are your views on collaborating with other artists and producers?

“I’ve had great experiences collaborating with producers and songwriters. Someone else’s viewpoint most often adds an unexpected twist to a song, which can be exciting.  And I think it’s important for me to get outside of my own head on occasion. Otherwise, I find myself writing the same song over and over. However, my preference has always been to write alone. I find it more difficult to be vulnerable in front of another person, but I do think it’s helpful.”

Lastly, we’re sure you’ve got some unique advice to give to our members out their who are working on their music careers?

“I would say, don’t give up even though sometimes it may feel like you’re going around in circles and getting nowhere. Somehow when you keep pushing through and focus on what you want rather than on what you don’t want, good things really do happen. The exciting thing is that thanks to the internet, we live in a time when we don’t have to be reliant on anyone else (record labels, managers, etc.) to get our music and message out.

“So we’re technically free to create what we want when we want and how we want. With this freedom comes confusion, of course, because there are so many options. For me, what has been most helpful is figuring out what I do best and sticking to that rather than overwhelming myself and trying to do everything.”

If you’ve enjoyed reading about Chloe’s inspiring story, don’t forget that you can collaborate with her and many other talented artists on our global marketplace.

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