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Gateway Member Sent to Cannes Music Industry Conference, MIDEM

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Music Gateway Sends Member to Cannes Music Industry Conference, MIDEM

Brian Alejandro, also known as Nabsora, was one of the lucky winners of our Midem ticket giveaway. We caught up with him to hear his story, what happened at Midem and what he’s up to now.

Despite having tough times in life and coming over to the UK from Colombia, Brian has come a long way. He had a love for music from a young age, explaining to us that when he was 8 years old in Colombia, he was playing with a radio, switching between frequencies when he came across guys rapping. From then on he was hooked.

Hip-hop became such a force in my life even before I could truly comprehend what it meant.

Not long after that, he got his hands on a keyboard and starting imitating the sounds that he was so hooked on.

“Since then I’ve used music as a way to release and escape, growing up as an immigrant I went through a lot of adversity with my family but at the same time we had a completely new life and the struggles to find that new life is what most of the stories in my songs are based on. At first, my music was about feeling isolated and the violence that I witnessed as a child, but now those perspectives have changed and I portray the beautiful things about diversity and culture.”

In the past three years, Brian has made some great headway in the music industry by releasing plenty of self-produced tracks that he has performed all over London and abroad. He has also been involved in countless shows and projects from pre and post-production for independent films, to hosting open Mic nights for up and coming talent under his collective ‘True Emit’. He’s also been involved in projects with artists that have an impact in the UK hip-hop culture like Lowkey and award-winning artist Mike Kalle.

At the moment, Brian is working on his first album as well as an EP. On top of that, he’s also about to release a single with his friend Reece Jackson.

“Overall I feel truly blessed at the moment and I have an immense drive to truly show what I’ve learned and what I am capable of creating. I honestly cannot wait to get out there and show the world.”

Brian has also been incorporating what he learned at Midem into his music, career and social media. Here are the top three things he said he learned whilst there:

  • Always be prepared to showcase yourself.
  • Always have a plan, calculate, evaluate and keep up the consistency.
  • It’s all about the contacts so keep making them you never know who will remember you.

“I’ve put those things into practice alongside many things that I learned at the seminars and they are working. When releasing music I now do it differently, I have a plan, and I’m constantly evaluating my craft and the scene. When performing I make sure I have everything in place where people who liked my music can find me, cards, websites socials etc.”

When Brian first found out that he would be going to Midem, he didn’t really know what to expect, so he was concerned that it would be all about business and that he wouldn’t fit in. Luckily his worries were for nothing.

“I was nervous when I arrived but the MG guys made me feel so comfortable. They gave me advice on what to expect whom I should look out for and also introduced me to some cool contacts. The next day I was I gained some confidence and I went into the conferences ready to network and to showcase my self.”

During the days Brian attended the seminars, giving him an insight into the industry. Afterwards, he would have discussions with other attendees about the industry. During the night, he said the vibe was a lot more relaxed:

“You would see artists perform by the beach whilst having a few drinks add the weather and it was beautiful. I had the chance to meet two big influencers in my music and many others. I managed to get insight from managers and publishers. I got legal advice from music lawyers and made the contacts for the future. I also met other artists that I have now collaborated with and still keep in contact with.”

Since Midem, Brian has been engaging more with social media and working on several artists’ albums and productions. He also directed and edited his last single ‘Proud’.

“[Proud] is a remix of one of my songs that speaks and celebrates the abundance in culture in the UK, the beginnings of Nabsora and my views on current world affairs like the trump administration. As a Latino I was so deeply impacted by the way my culture and country where portrayed by the campaign during the election that I felt like showing some reality, different cultures and backgrounds coming together just to have a good time.”

The future holds plenty of exciting things for Nabsora, with all these projects, upcoming releases and even plans of a European or American tour at the end of next year.

“At the moment I’m developing everything and making sure I have a good profile before heading out. I can’t wait to keep learning and growing to reach a wider audience but most of all to keep having fun whilst doing it.”

If you missed out on Midem this year, but are still looking to make connections and collaborate with others as Brian did, then take a look at the Marketplace and get stuck in! If you’d like to learn more about the industry and keep up to date on tips that will help you further your career in music, just keep an eye on our blog.

Check out the Nabsora website here, and learn more about Midem here.

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