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‘Something More’ Remix – A Molly & Deverb collaboration

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Oli De St Croix


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‘Something More’ Remix – A Molly. & Deverb collaboration

We love shouting about Мusic Gateway collaborations, especially if it involves one of the fantastic artists on our promotions roster! In this interview, we’ll be speaking to Molly. and producer Deverb about their collaboration on the latest remix of Molly.’s track, ‘Something More’. After Molly.’s well received debut release, ‘Something More’, drum and bass producer Deverb was keen to get involved and work on a collaboration. The remix of Something More, not only demonstrates Deverb’s talent and skill at production, but also the versatility and commercial potential of Molly.’s sound! In this interview, we discuss both Molly. and Deverb’s experience in the industry, how the collaboration came about, and how they’re coming along with the Мusic Gateway platform…

Molly. Playing at a festival Мusic Gateway artist development and music promotions

How has your experience in the Music Industry been so far? 


I have been a full-time musician now for a few years, I’ve gigged a lot over the years playing at many festivals and venues in the UK and Abroad. It’s a hard industry to be in but I would never want to change it. Although these last 6 months I have been working with Mark Adams and the music/my career just seems to have taken off, I can’t wait for what this summer is going to bring”.


“I originally started in the Music Industry in 2007 working for The Box Plus Network as a Music Programmer, picking the music that was played on a variety of channels, including 4Music, Kiss TV, The Box, Kerrang, Smash Hits and QTV. This then lead me on to Kiss FM in 2016 where I did a similar role for 2 years, but instead for the Kiss FM, Kisstory and Kiss Fresh Radio stations.

Whilst working at both companies, music producing and DJing were hobbies that I pursued outside of work hours, but with the increase in notoriety of my Drum & Bass remixes I took the bold decision to go full-time in September 2018″.

Did you have fun collaborating? Was there anything you learned from the process?

Molly. and Deverb Remix


The collaboration was brilliant, Dave has done an absolute amazing job, couldn’t ask for a better remix. I’ve done remixes before, but never on this scale! I love more of the Drum and Bass remixes and I think the fact he has used a lot of the original vocals really adds to it”.


“It’s nice to have first-hand feedback, being able to talk to Molly. It’s not always the case that you get to talk to the artist, so that was really good. I wanted to talk to Molly before it was finished to get feedback and have the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other. I’ve learned that I can turn around tracks quicker than I’d previously believed possible, through less procrastination and a more focussed workflow/timeline”.

Are either of you working on other projects at the moment?


I have another couple of singles coming out soon we are just busy getting them to exactly where I want them!”

Molly. something More remix with Deverb


I’ve just finished a Drum & Bass bootleg remix of Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj’s hit ‘Side To Side’, which I’m looking forward to dropping in my upcoming sets and sending round to my DJ contacts – I’m convinced it’s gonna go off! I’m also working on building my catalogue of original material in the coming months, as they may not pay the bills initially, but establishing myself as a Drum & Bass artist means that I naturally need original and remix material to progress my career”.

Could you tell us a little bit about your workflow? How do you get around creative slumps?


I find that each individual song has an almost identical cycle to the last; (1) The initial idea is probably the best thing I’ve ever conceived, (2) putting the track into a rational structure, (3) messing about with technical ideas to enhance the basic structure (4) something’s missing, but I just can’t work out what it is (AKA stuck on that final bit of creative flair), (5) doubting the track is as good as you initially thought, (6) Mixing, (7) Mastering, (8) Promoting.

As I often work on my own, I’ve found that having someone to listen to my productions at the inevitable stage 4 (above) can really help with focus. It also saves a LOT of time and helps me avoid procrastination. That is the point at which I sent the remix of Something More to Molly. Molly’s feedback was very positive, with a few notes that we discussed and addressed where required and this gave me the peace of mind I needed to continue and to know that I was on the right path.”

Deverb, Producer, Remix, Collaboration

How has your experience with the Мusic Gateway platform been so far, and what intrigues you the most?


From my experience Мusic Gateway has been great, I feel I need to look more into trying to get some syncs but I think it’s a great platform for musicians. It makes it easy to find people and is a great way of getting more work”.


Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to utilise the platform as of yet, but am looking forward to doing so in the very near future, as this remix was pitched to me directly from Mark Adams”.

What is the one main piece of advice you would give anyone looking to collaborate?


Just go for it, two heads are better than one!”


Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice, as two or more different points of view will almost always lead to a superior final product”…

Finally, how has your experience been working with Mark Adams and the artist development department?

Mark Adams, Artist Development, Artist Promotions


I have loved working with Mark he’s a top bloke, the artist development has really given me more depth into my music and has helped me see what I want to achieve. I’ve released a new single and plan to release more over the summer, with gigs, festivals and many more live shows coming up. I think this summer is going to be very exciting! I’m really looking forward to working more with Mark and the artist development department.”


I have worked with Mark for many years; he was my boss at The Box Plus Network and is always striving to get the best out of himself and everyone around him. An exceptionally driven and forward-thinking individual who will do everything he can to elevate you to the next level! Anyone that gets to work with him should take his advice on board. His experience is invaluable!”

Read more about how remixes can seriously help boost your music here! Are you interested in learning how Мusic Gateway can help you find collaborators or people to pair up with for a remix? Sign up to Мusic Gateway and benefit from our 14 day no-strings-attached free trial! Receive the latest news via our newsletter, opportunities, giveaways and more…

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