February – What do we sync

Written by Mary Woodcock

27 February 2018

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We’ve got so many clients when it comes to sync who all like to work in different ways. Sometimes that can mean we’re servicing for specific briefs, some supervisors are trying to fill up their catalogue for their next projects and others don’t brief out, which means we have to regularly service them with a wide variety of your music every month. We appreciate this means that it can be quite hard to keep up sometimes, so here’s Jack with his 3 top projects from this month.


Jack: Rather than a lot of projects of the same genres, we’ve had an exceptionally wide range of genres in our briefs recently which has made things much more exciting for us and I’m sure the same for those of you putting music forward. Once again our members have managed to give us quality tracks for everything, it’s amazing how much talent is on this platform.


Major Street Clothing Brand – Punk Grunge and Emo Needed

Jack: This was a really cool one for me as it’s right up my street in terms of personal taste. To see a lot of alternative music which we don’t usually get to hear and with such a great response for such a short turn around. I know the clients still working on this one so fingers crossed he loved the playlist as much as I loved it!


£2,000 URGENT – Looking for Acoustic, Female Covers of ‘Creep’

Jack: This was such a specific Brief and what we very quickly realised from this is that either most of you have a Creep cover hidden away in your catalogue or you’re great at turning quality covers around quickly! Within 6 hours we had almost 100 covers which were pretty much all amazing, so impressive. THe supervisor is currently going through the motions to license one of these tracks as we speak so hopefully that all goes through successfully.


URGENT £25,000+: Looking for an Awe-Inspiring, Dramatic, Tense Piece

Jack: This one really demonstrated the talent of our composers and score writers, with the hundreds of cinematic pieces we received. Things like this are exactly why I love what I do and it doesn’t matter what the brief is that comes through, I look forward to working on it, you just never know what you’re going to get but you always know it’ll be quality.


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