Find out about the artist selected in HIP Video Promo’s opportunity.

Written by Mary Woodcock

19 December 2016

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Find out about the artist selected in HIP Video Promo’s opportunity. 

Recently we provided our members with an opportunity HIP Video Promo. Members were able to pitch their Music video’s for a chance to win $5000 worth of video promotion, including a 5 week social media campaign. Having worked with the likes of Paramore, Plain White T’s, Maroon 5 and countless others, this was not an opportunity to be missed. So the project went up and the pitches rolled in and HIP founder Andy Gesner, selected a winner. We would like to introduce the winning video from Romanian soft rock band Vama. 

  “We checked out hundreds and hundreds of music videos that were submitted by a wide range of bands/artists of all different genres. At times it was gruelling but it was mostly a whole lot of fun. In the end we’re proud to announce that it was “Ghosts At    War” by Romanian rock band Vama that sealed the deal for us. The cinematography throughout the video is absolutely stunning,  the storyline surrounding a married couple who’ve lost their spark only to finally find it again after a full-fledged mental breakdown had our eyes glued to the screen, the performance shots of the band had us rocking out, and of course the song itself.”

                       Andy Gesner Owner & President of HIP Video Promo


This couldn’t come at a better time for the band, due to release their first English album soon. This is the perfect opportunity for them to receive maximum amount of exposure. 



We are very excited to being selected by HIP Video Promo. It’s very humble to have been chosen from more than 1000 submissions and we are looking forward to work with them. This was our most important pitch on Music Gateway because we are about to release our first album in English and we were looking for new opportunities to get our music to new audiences.” 

Carina Sava, artist manager  of Vama

We will be following their campaign and checking in regularly with what the band and the guys at HIP Video Promo are up to. But no doubt we’ll be hearing big things from them soon.

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