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Artist Interviews

Music Promotion Spotlight: The Success Of Georgia Box

Photograph of the blog post author, Rachael Scarsbrook

Rachael Scarsbrook


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Music Promotion Spotlight: The Success Of Georgia Box

Woman in yellow Georgia Box Мusic Gateway promotion review

Georgia Box is a successful artist & popular YouTube musician, based in the UK. She lives by the all-important narrative of empowerment within her music and lifestyle. This means not conforming to the typical depiction of a female pop artist. Instead, she promotes a message of confidence and authenticity to her large fanbase.

Georgia was looking for a great team to connect with. After a discussion with our Promotions team about her goals, aims and plans, Georgia joined the Music Promotions roster for her single ‘COCA’

The Campaign

Our Music Spotify Promotions team is comprised of Rachael & Steph, a dynamic duo that pride itself on a personal and transparent approach. The start of any campaign begins with the music but equally important is what you want to achieve. The most important thing for the team is to ensure the campaign is tailored to your goals.

For that reason, there is no off-the-shelf or instant buy campaign tier. Not all artists are looking to achieve the same things and Мusic Gateway offers a diverse range of flexible campaigns across Spotify, Radio, Press & TV.

Each campaign centres around delivering advice and results that you’ll keep for the rest of your career. We want to be sure that your money is being spent both wisely and effectively.

The Results

Georgia Box Music Promotion with Мusic Gateway review

The clear success of Georgia’s campaign with us can be seen above. On top of these impressive overall stats, ‘Coca’ also landed on a whopping 21 official Spotify playlists. This is in addition to the great traction she developed across DSPs and Radio.

Since the success of ‘Coca’, Georgia Box has gone on to perform on our new RISING series and is currently in the studio with fellow roster artist Chase Keller! Check out RISING and submit your music for this brand-new performance opportunity.

“I’ve been really really happy, especially with how my Spotify’s gone over 1 million streams, which is crazy. More than anything I ever expected. It’s gone on over 20 editorial Spotify playlists and it’s been amazing the traction it’s got on Spotify, so I’m over the moon with that. Altogether a really successful campaign so I’m looking forward to the next one with Мusic Gateway.” Georgia Box

Watch the video below to hear from Georgia herself on what she thought of the campaign. Here’s her review of Мusic Gateway’s Music Promotion services:

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