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Artist Interviews

Get To Know Dylan Cornwell Musical Artist

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Rise of a New Singer-Songwriter

Aspiring singer-songwriter Dylan Cornwell is making a name for himself in the music industry. Having already signed with a major record label and released two critically acclaimed albums, Dylan is quickly becoming one of the hottest new stars on the scene. Here’s a look at his musical journey and what’s next for this rising star. 

Dylan Cornwell began his musical journey early, picking up guitar lessons at the age of 10. His style was heavily influenced by classic rock and roll artists such as Led Zeppelin, Queen and Aerosmith, which he often references in his songs. He also found inspiration from modern pop and R&B music as well. During college, Dylan began writing music seriously and played gigs at local venues to build up his following. In 2018 he released his debut album “Forever Young” to critical acclaim, praised by critics for its classic rock homage while still maintaining a modern sound.     

Since the success of “Forever Young”, Dylan has gone on to sign with a major record label and release his second album “Rise Again”, which further cemented him as a unique voice in the industry. The album has been positively received, with some calling it one of this generation’s best songwriting achievements. Dylan’s trademark blend of rock n’ roll sensibilities combined with current pop trends have gained him many fans across genres including rock, country, folk and even EDM.   

With two successful albums under his belt already, we’re excited to see where Dylan will go next with his music career. He continues to write new material while performing live shows around the country. For those looking to get their hands on some classic songs or just find out what this rising star is all about, you won’t want to miss what comes next!

Dylan’s Musical Journey

Dylan was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Although music wasn’t a major part of his childhood, he picked up the guitar at age 17 and quickly realized that this was what he wanted to pursue full-time. Throughout high school and university, he would spend many nights in basements jamming with his friends until 4 am or later. This experience taught him how to write thoughtful lyrics that could resonate with any audience.

The Success of The Path EP 

In 2019, Dylan released his first EP “The Path”. This 5 song set featured emotional lyrics describing feelings of anxiety and self-doubt along with upbeat melodies that kept people moving on dance floors all around Canada. His unique style combined indie-folk elements with a modern production sensibility which made it stand out amongst other releases at the time.

Drawing influence from writers such as Jason Isbell and Ben Howard meant that Dylan’s stories were deeply personal but also incredibly universal – something which really resonated with fans from all backgrounds who could relate to what he had written about through their own experiences.

Music Videos & Live Performances 

In 2020, Dylan followed up on “The Path” by releasing three accompanying music videos for tracks from the EP, taking viewers across different parts of his own city while showcasing myriad emotions felt throughout his journey as an artist so far. He also began performing live shows virtually during lockdown – enabling even more people to connect directly with him no matter where they were based. 

This newfound fame has opened up new opportunities for Dylan in 2021 – including collaborations with upcoming artists and even some high-profile industry names. His 2022 hit song ‘Flame’, which combined melodic techno elements with a unique catchy beat, further sealed his place on the music scene. One thing we know for sure though is that you’ll be hearing much more from this young artist in future years ahead!

Check out Dylan Cornwell’s music on Spotify.


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