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Interview with Matthew Jones – Finding Collaborators with Мusic Gateway

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Interview with Matthew Jones – Finding Collaborators with Мusic Gateway

We’re always excited to hear back from our members and learn about their successes. Not only have we heard some incredibly inspiring success stories, but we’ve also had some interesting insights in to some of the ingenious ways people use our platform and how they are coming along with it! This helps us with improvements and additions we make our platform on a constant basis.

After all, Мusic Gateway is a platform made by creatives, for creatives! This time we catch up with member Matthew Jones, to find out a little bit more about himself, his collaborations, and his favourite features of the platform…

Matt Jones, Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Collaboration

Hi Matthew! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background…

“I’m a topline Pop Singer and Songwriter! I’ve always sung from a young age, then my voice broke and was terrible for years! My musical obsession spans across a variety of genres. For most of my life i’d always focused on theatre, as a dancer/actor. Eventually I decided it was time to take the leap into music, as I knew that was where my heart truly lies. I started out playing pop covers online. More recently I got through to the final stages of auditions to hit TV show The Voice!”

How would you describe your music in one sentence?

“I would say my most recent music is what represents my sound accurately. My music is mostly a blend of pop and soul, with the main element on the vocals”.

Matt Jones, Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Collaboration

You’ve been working with producer Tamas, how has the collaboration been so far?

“Amazing. I’m a very worldly person so the fact you can find someone across the world that shares the same drive, creativity and commitment as you to make music is so great. He’s a very talented individual, easy to work with and positive”!

What projects have you been working on recently? Have you been collaborating with anyone else and/or looking for someone else to collaborate with soon?

“I’m keen to get more in to collaborating as of present! I think it can help you so much as an artist. As well as Tamas I’ve been working with new producer ‘Peter Lyons’ on my new artist project ‘Vana Blue’. This is the most excited I’ve ever been about a piece of work I’ve created! We’ve pretty much finished an EP, so will be releasing new music soon. Both myself and Peter actually did a cover of ‘Forever Young’ for a Мusic Gateway brief. It’s honestly the only cover I’ve ever recorded but was awesome to do”.

How have you been coming along with the platform so far, and what do you find most useful about it?

“It’s been great! Meeting Sophie at the ‘Off The Record’ music festival which I was a part of really helped. Ever since I checked in on the site I have a browse nearly everyday for projects and opportunities. I also make sure that all my metadata is correctly in place (which I have now learnt is super important)! I find it very practical to have all the metadata for my tracks filled out so they’re ready-to-go, instead of having to refill it every time I make submissions. As I regularly focus on finding sync placements, I really value feedback from the opportunities I apply for. Due to the competitiveness of sync projects, it’s really important to know if you are on track! 

I don’t like to mention names but people tend to take an awful lot of money from artists when in reality there is very little you can do. Additionally, as an artist it’s about taking the responsibility to accept that the better the product (music) is the more likely you are to succeed. Also, never EVER work with people that guarantee you radio plays! Success is never guaranteed (I have learnt by making these mistakes in the past)… The truth is, if your music is great and original it will eventually breakthrough. I’m excited to see what the future brings, and am looking forward to a call from the Мusic Gateway promotions team!”

Matt Jones, Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Collaboration

What 3 main pieces of advice would you give someone who is trying to collaborate/ get into the music industry and follow in your footsteps?

“Im sure its been said many times before but if you’re trying to copy what’s current by that point it will probably be too late! We are all unique and if you lean in just a bit to that and what makes you, you, you should find a sound that is genuine and unique. Something I’m only just learning now really but it’s so liberating. I did an open mic recently and nearly didn’t do this song but my friend told me to. It was centred around the topic of dating in the modern age. People went crazy for it and many even spoke to me after about it due to its relatability! So my final tip would be use your life to write”…

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Watch this space for my music and take a look what I’ve already done! I always appreciate support as well as supporting others”…

Listen to Matt’s collaborations, and discover more of his original music on a playlist he curated.If you’ve got something you want us to shout about, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!
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