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Meet Jackson Snapp & Learn About His Sync Success

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Meet Jackson Snapp & Learn About His Sync Success

We recently caught up with Jackson Snapp, after his sync success. We were very happy to be able to get Jackson’s music in a bunch of gaming apps. Carry on reading to learn more about Jackson Snapp and sync success!

First of all, tell us a bit about yourself!

Jackson Snapp

I grew up playing piano and guitar from age 12 and got into electronic music production around 6 or 7 years ago. I suppose I’m a creator first and foremost. However, if I were to define my role, I would say producer and DJ. I’ve been self-taught most of my life. Early on I would spend several hours every single day just practising and trying to hone my skills. I feel like a lot of that discipline has stuck with me, though I ascribe a lot of my recent growth to having a few key mentors who are where I aspire to be.

Was this your first sync?

This was my first sync that’s actually worth mentioning. I’ve had just a couple of very small syncs on another platform that may have paid for a meal or two at best.

What is your funniest/favourite memory from being in the music industry?

Jackson Snapp

 Just the first thing that pops in my head was a recent party some friends and I threw. A little over one hundred of us rented out what’s supposed to be a kid’s pirate ship, brought our own speakers and gear on board, and a handful of us spun DJ sets while we sailed around for a few hours. The “pirates” who worked for the ship served drinks and acted out swashbuckling scenes all the while. It was really something.

How did you feel when you heard that you got a sync placement?

It was a very pleasant surprise receiving that email. I was elated. Just knowing that a placement could happen at any time and earn extra income for myself

How long have you been a member of Music Gateway and what do you think of us?

I’ve been a member of Music Gateway for maybe 2 years. I upgraded to one of the paid tiers close to a year ago and with this one sync alone it’s paid for itself many times over. I like the platform, it’s rather intuitive. Usually, I just keep an eye out for emails that have opportunities that are a good fit for my music. For any musician that releases their own music, it’s something I’d definitely recommend they add to their repertoire.

What would be your top tip to anyone trying to secure a sync placement?

Jackson Snapp

It’s tough to pick one specific top tip. But I would just say to be patient and submit to opportunities that actually sound like a good fit for your music instead of just taking the spray and pray approach. I think people notice when you put some thought into your submissions.

What do you have planned for the future?

I’m actually starting a new alias. I have a bunch of new unreleased material that I’m working on putting together, which all has a sort of cohesive sound and vibe. While I am proud of what I was able to create under the Jackson Snapp moniker, I feel it’s time to start a new chapter. I’m aiming my sights even higher this time and we will see where it leads. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just one last thing, I’m also launching a podcast very soon to go alongside a course platform I’ve been slowly working on for my fellow electronic music producers. It’s called the Producer Evolution Podcast. If you would like to check it out, it should be live in either September or October of 2019. And just thank you to the team at Music Gateway!

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