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MAXO Joins The Music Gateway Ranks

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MAXO Joins The Music Gateway Ranks

You’d be forgiven for thinking our promotions team haven’t slept in days thanks to all of the brand new additions to our roster. We’re thrilled to introduce you all to MAXO, a spirited performer all the way from Canberra, Australia.

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MAXO has been busy making a name for himself on the live-circuit across his native Australia as well as North America – regularly performing to crowds that exceed 10,000 people!

‘Light It Up’ has a sweet build that gives way to a festival-ready chorus. The video captures MAXO’s spirit perfectly, and we’re excited for what his future will hold.

Now is the ideal time to jump on Spotify to stream & save ‘Light It Up’ and join us as we take Music Gateway global.

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Want to follow in MAXO’s footsteps? Get in touch with our Promotions Team & keep an eye out for opportunities to collaborate & get your music in film and TV.

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