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Rajiv interview on his Music & being an Artist

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We’ve had some great remix projects through lately, including this little gem.

Rajiv is working with Multi-Platinum producer David Brant, and looking for club-dance remixes. A great opportunity for all you hungry producers out there to get in the eyes of a strong emerging artist and his growing fan-base!

Hey Rajiv nice to have you with us on the MG blog, tell us how you got started in music?

I’ve been involved in music ever since I can remember really. I grew up with music always being played in the house, and I was constantly singing and dancing around the house. I took it more seriously throughout school, and university too, and it was through Uni that I began songwriting. After I graduated, I was teamed up with multiple platinum and gold BPI award-winning producer David Brant and we’ve been working on my music ever since.

Your single ‘Catch me if you can’ came out with a great music vid to go with it. Was that the first video you’d done? How did it all go?

That was actually the second music video that I had shot, and I have such a great time on the shoot. My first video, Back & Rewind, had more of a romantic storyline to it. With Catch Me If You Can, I got to play the bad boy, and I’m not going to lie, I really enjoyed that! Haha. The shoot was great though. The crew and people who supported and helped out on the shoot were fantastic at helping bring the idea to life, and I look forward to doing another one soon. 

You’ve been endorsed by the likes of fashion brands Tresor Paris & Just B Belle, how important is it having a complete image and look to match up with the music?

I think it’s vital to work on your image as well as the music. I’ve always tried to make sure I make everything look and sound as professional as possible, as branding is essential. It’s also great that these brands have endorsed me, as it means I am creating the right image and they want to use me to showcase their brands. So that means making sure I always look fresh for gigs, not pigging out on the cakes and fast food, and getting my backside to the gym to keep up with image.

You’ve got a remix project up on Music Gateway at the moment for your song Cloud 9, is there a story behind this one?

I do! I’m looking forward to hearing the ideas from the project. A lot of the songs that I’ve worked on have a bit of theme, mainly women haha, so I wanted to create a song that was just a general feel-good party type vibe. It’s a song to have a bit of fun with and hopefully get yourself moving to when you hear it played.

What have been your most memorable performances so far?

I’ve been doing loads of live performances over the last few years, both acoustic and to backing tracks, and I’ve had the privilege to perform at some amazing venues. A few that have stood out for me are The Jazz Cafe, The Kensington Roof Gardens, where I performed with a three-piece acoustic band, Ibiza Rocks in Ibiza, the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, and definitely performing at Wembley Arena. 

How important to you is collaboration and working with others when it comes to music?

It’s really important to me, as I like to push myself and open myself up to new and different opportunities. I find working with others always enhances your creativity and makes you see things that you may not have thought of if you were working alone, so I completely get what you guys are doing here with Music Gateway. Also, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a great producer and different songwriters, to help me improve my own songwriting.

What does 2015 hold for you then?

I’ve started the year with writing and recording a new song in a studio up in Liverpool. I’m looking at more gigs abroad this year, as well as here in the UK, more songs and putting together a Rajiv Music band to take my performances to the next level. I should hopefully have another video made this year too, and hopefully some meetings to get some deals in place.

Thanks, Rajiv, we wish you the best of luck with all the recording & performances, and we can’t wait to hear your banging remixes!

If you’re an artist and want to create your own remix project click HERE.

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