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Music Gateway Meets: Jonny White

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Recently, we’ve been really excited about some of the brilliant content that is coming through to Music Gateway. So, we decided to feature some of the artists who have stood out to us. From a great profile, to high quality recordings – we’re on a mission to share and promote our members. The feature will be happening every couple of weeks, so keep your eye out. We started with Jonny White; a member who has been with us for just under a year. We wanted to reach out and get to know him, to find out about what he’s been up to, and his plans for the future.

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Tell us a bit about yourself — what elements of music do you get the most excited about?
I’m a vocalist, songwriter and producer based in Brighton. I get most excited by the collaboration part of the writing and music making process. I have really enjoyed the range of music (from pop, indie, R&B to EDM) I have got involved with through composing for other artists on Music Gateway. Its pretty thrilling when you have an idea for a track and then the person you are working with sings the vocal in a way you hadn’t imagined or plays a new beat which takes the song to another level.

Who inspired you to start writing music?
Blur were my favourite band as a teenager and still are. I loved Damon Albarn’s ‘postcards of Britain’ style of songwriting set against Graham Coxon’s magical guitar playing and the way their sound took a new direction with each album. From his work with Blur to Gorillaz to Mali Music Damon has to be one of the most diverse songwriters this country has ever produced.

What are you currently working on?
I am currently working hard promoting my new single Start Again. I am also finishing off recording the follow up single called Moving On. Its style harks back to the 90s Britpop sound and has shades of some of Oasis’ softer moments (Talk Tonight, Wonderwall etc) so I am really excited about finishing and releasing this track.

Give us an insight in to the creation process of your music. Do you seem to follow a pattern when you write, or does it change song by song?
My approach to songwriting varies depending on the project. If I am writing my own indie-pop material then I will usually sit down with a guitar or at my piano and play around with riffs and chord progressions until something grabs me. If I am working on a specific pitch which is more electro based I will get out my mini-Korg and laptop and program a beat and just see what happens. I love that with the latter approach the direction the music takes can be so unpredictable. A recent new way of writing came about when a Music Gateway member I was composing for recorded entire musical parts of her humming the tune she wanted and I composed the music ready for her to sing the topline. Being very flexible in your approach to songwriting definitely helps to increase your productivity and the range of music you create.

How do you feel about the current musical climate?
I think the current musical climate for unsigned / upcoming artists is incredibly exciting. The digital age has meant that on a tiny budget you can record a track, put out a video on Youtube and if it’s good enough there is the chance you could have a global hit without any major label backing. This would have been inconceivable 10-15 years ago.

How do you think that a site such as Music Gateway, can impact how the industry works?
Music Gateway breaks down the barrier that so many unsigned artists and writers come up against of having no industry contacts to help them break through. One of the platform’s great strengths is that labels, publishers and artists who post projects want to hear your music. The pitching process means that if your music is relevant and good enough it will be heard by these people.

What brought you to Music Gateway, and what do you mainly use the site for?
Last summer I was looking for a professional music platform to work with and did a simple Google search to see what was out there. The Music Gateway platform stood out in its design, explanation of how it works and its pricing structure and is still the only platform of this type of which I am a member. Within weeks I had upgraded my membership from Pro to Business because I was getting so much work from the platform.

What has been your career highlight so far?
In terms of sync placement Start Again being played on the season finale of the French TV show Candice Renoir has to be up there because the programme is shown around the globe. From a live perspective playing Ronnie Scotts in London a couple of years ago was amazing. The sound was phenomenal and the place just has a certain aura that a venue only generates when you know so many legends have played there.

What are your plans for the future?
My immediate plans for the future are to finish recording the EP to follow the Start Again single release. Then there will be a series of gigs in the UK and Europe this autumn to support the EP launch which I cannot wait to play.

If you could impact the world in one way, what way would you like it to be?
I would love to promote a scheme where the cost of major UK festivals were brought in line with their European counterparts so a wider range of people could afford to go to these brilliant events.

You can keep up with Jonny throughout his musical endeavours via his social media.

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