Music Gateway Thrilled to be Working with Reggae Legend Maxi Priest

Written by Mary Woodcock

09 July 2013

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With Reggae music blooming in this post-Internet age, the accessibility to listen and get hold of this chilled out mellow genre is now more easier than ever. Even though the new acts are plentiful, global audiences are still drawn towards those legends who have earned their worldwide recognition the hard way; by making hits after hits of timeless allure to the masses, imprinted with authenticity. This is Maxi Priest!

With Maxi’s music passion starting from an early age, he had first learnt to sing in church, encouraged by his mother who was a Pentecostal missionary. Being the second to last of nine brothers and sisters he sharpened his skills listening to the Jamaican greats such as Dennis Brown, Ken Boothe, John Holt and Gregory Isaacs, as well as distinguished worldwide singers like Marvin Gaye, Al Green, The Beatles, Phil Collins and Frank Sinatra. After rehearsing in his parents basement, Maxi teamed up with Robinson and brother-in-law Jesse James, these guys then spent months above Lee’s Sound City record shop as part of Bad Breed. With whom he recorded his debut single “Hey Little Girl”, which would be the start of his affluent career in the music industry.
“Strollin’ On’ was his first song that bought him the taste of chart success in March 1986, after this he was headlining shows at the Brixton Academy and Hammersmith Odeon. Today, hes among the most widely travelled of any reggae star, having toured the world many times, still bringing in big, appreciative crowds wherever he goes.

Here at Music Gateway we find it such a pleasure to be getting involved with the ubiquitous reggae fusion (reggae music with an R&B influence) artist Maxi Priest.

Through Music Gateway we’re looking for at least three different remixes of Maxi Priests song ‘Tik Tok’, the remixes required should be Drum & Bass, House and Hip Hop, but we’re also open to potentially other styles.

This is an ideal way to show off what Music Gateway is capable of, by bringing together aspiring musicians and music professionals into the work of collaboration with already well known artists, giving you the chance to get your foot in the door of the music industry.

To get involved on this remix click here.

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