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Мusic Gateway x RAAD

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We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with our Artist Development competition runner up, RAAD, who was so impressed by the artist development service that she went on to work with us and our wonderful music manager, Claire Lucy Reilly. Keep reading to learn more about RAAD’s musical background and plans for the future!

Tell us a bit more about yourself, when did you decide you wanted to pursue music? 

I’m RAAD and I knew I wanted to become a musician from the age of 6. That’s when I started piano lessons and singing in choir. When I was 18 I moved to London where I spent most of my young adulthood exploring myself and my creative nature. I write, sing and produce my own music, blending flavours from the Middle East, Greece, the British urban underground scene and fused with hip hop and soul into a cultural melting pot of genres which reflects the diversity of influences expressed through my music. I am greatly inspired by artists like Alicia Keys, Maverick Sabre, Dijon, Giveon, 070 Shake and IAMDDB. I put a particular emphasis on delivering my lyrically based songs in a poetic way, finding inspiration in the lyric, rhymed and sonnet styles.

What made you decide to work with us?

During the many lockdowns we had this past year, there was a moment I felt really lost as an artist and needed to go back on track and organise my time better. That’s when I stumbled upon Music gateway’s post on Linkedin about the Artist Development Program Competition and so I said why not. I am not going to lie, the chance of winning or getting a discount on a program that provides you with one to one sessions with music industry professionals was really tempting to me!

Tell us a bit more about the service you received

I must say, when Rob first contacted me to let me know I was the Runner Up of the competition I thought that’s what they told everyone to console them for not winning. But soon after, all my questions and doubts were answered due to the excellent communication that Мusic Gateway offers. I was very impressed about how promptly they would get back to any of my questions and even go through the whole program on the phone to make sure everything was clear and understood to me.

You worked alongside our wonderful music manager, Claire. How was it working with her? 

I love Claire. I instantly felt really comfortable talking to her and sharing my worries with her. I like working with honest and direct people and gladly Claire is one of them. I never felt for a moment intimidated by her as she is super chill, friendly and straight to the point. Working with her has opened a lot of new possibilities I never considered before and I am grateful I had the chance to meet her.

What were the biggest concerns you had going into the program/ what were you looking to get out of it? 

To be honest, I was very afraid that the manager I would pick to work with would take me through a very generic plan that wouldn’t  meet my needs due to formalities and distance. However it was nothing like that. What I was really looking to get out of it was professional advice based on what I have done so far and what I was planning to do in the future as an artist. Also I needed more guidance on how to approach other artists and industry professionals.

What would you say are the biggest things you’ve learned from the experience?

I think the most important thing I’ve learned is to be patient and to be more open minded.

What was your favourite part of your experience?

Once I started my sessions with Claire, I began to have more and more questions. Therefore, my favourite moment of the program was when I knew I could finally get them answered.

Would you recommend the service to others who might be interested?

100% Especially for those who feel lost, stuck or just need help to start or develop their social media strategies and musical path.

What are your plans going forward for the future?

I am now working on my first EP. So currently doing loads of writing and research.

Anything else you’d like to add?

A big thank you to Мusic Gateway for being so welcoming, warm and friendly.

You can find RAAD on social media and on Spotify. Links below!

Instagram | Spotify | Facebook

Like the sound of working with Claire and getting 1-2-1 advice from her or any of our amazing music managers? Head over to our Music Management & Artist Development service to read more and apply! Мusic Gateway is proud to support an incredible roster of global talent through targeted artist development, music management and promotion with something to suit everyone. Our music management services are here to support you and take your career to the next level!


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