Music Industry News: Exclusive Ad Agency Music Licensing Deals for Our Indie Artists!

Written by Mary Woodcock

12 November 2017

Join thousands of creatives in our global community

We’re pleased to announce that we have secured an EXCLUSIVE deal with ProTunes / Omnicom Group for us to supply our members music to their group of Advertising Agencies around the world, making that bumpy road to sucess a little bit smoother! The exclusive deal is to supply music from indie artists, bands and from the worldwide community of unsigned music creators.

Omnicom Group own 22% of the world’s advertising market and are made up of over 320 ad agencies, with offices located across the globe. The ad group work with hundreds of household brand names including the likes of Toys “R” us, Footlocker, Guinness, Bacardi, Pedigree, Getty Images, P&G, BT, Ikea, Volkswagen, C&A, Toyota, VISA, HSBC, Lexus, T-Mobile and GSK to name just a few.

ProTunes, in partnership with Omnicom created a secure private client area to allow their 2,500+ agency creatives the ability to search, browse and listen to music supplied to the secure portal. This streamlined process allows the creatives the ease of finding music and requesting sync licenses directly within the system.

Bobby O’Reilly, CEO proTunes said, “We are delighted to welcome Music Gateway on-board. Jon and his team have reinvented the wheel and made it better. Their digital management tools provide much needed solutions for creatives in a very competitive marketplace. We look forward to bringing opportunities to their members.”

The Music Gateway sync portal not only serves as a supply of music to these agencies, but allows the MG Team to proactively service Music Supervisors with their needs across TV, film and the gaming sectors. Here’s some cool case studies to review.

Jon Skinner, CEO and Founder Music Gateway ads “We are looking to expand our music sync representation and would love to hear from any indie artists, bands, composers and music creators across all genres for consideration.”

If this is of interest, then feel free to schedule a call here or if you want to get started without delay then it’s simple case of signing up to MG to create an account.

All the best, MG Team.

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