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Мusic Gateway x Nick Nittoli

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We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Nick Nittoli who is a songwriter, producer and recording artist signed to Bump Into Genius/Warner Chappell Music Publishing. Keep reading to find out all about his background in the music industry and plans for the future!

Can you tell us a bit about your background in the industry and how you got into it?

I was originally cast on a Bravo Tv series called “Platinum Hit” with Kara Dioguardi and Jewel as the hosts. I finished 4th in the competition and began writing and producing for artists like Snoop Dogg, French Montana, YG, Bianca Ryan, Sam Bruno and many others.

What’s made you want to cross over from Writer/Producer to Artist?

My goal was always to be an artist, but I felt that I needed some skin in the game first. So I worked behind the scenes to get knowledge and experience in the industry first, as well as some credits and respect in the music industry before I launched my artist project. At the end of the day, I always knew what I wanted to do, but also knew what I had to do in order to get there successfully.

You’ve worked with some huge industry names. How have you found that?

I really just worked hard and didn’t even think about it. A lot of my opportunities came to me while I was working. I didn’t seek them out, they just kind of arrived along with a few years of hard work, and contacts. I have been very blessed and very lucky in some cases. Once, I had worked with one big name, I used that name to get more names on my resume, and so on and so forth. I never looked back once I had professional names on my roster.

Are there any really poignant moments in your career so far?

For me, in 2017 when I signed a publishing/record deal with Bump Into Genius/Warner Chappell Music Publishing, it was probably my greatest success. I worked so hard to ink that deal that when it finally arrived I was beyond proud of myself. It was a merit of my hard work, and never giving up in this business and I cherished the opportunity and that’s when I began my artist career full time.

What advice would you give artists wanting to make it big in the industry?

I would tell artists to not take everyone’s advice! I think a lot of the time people can get their dreams or visions blocked by other people, and that can truly hurt an artist’s vision. I think that believing in yourself and kind of staying in your own quarters can kind of be good for an artist. Outside voices sometimes are the problem in some cases, and I found success by not listening to people with less experience sometimes. Especially friends that are artists themselves, because a lot of them could be haters secretly and trying to bring you down. My advice is to believe in yourself and to work on music that you like, and to ignore some people’s advice at times.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

Yes, I do! I am dropping my 9th studio album called “Self Untitled” in mid august and I am highly looking forward to this! I also just dropped the music video for my single “Charlie Sheen” which will be featured on the album as well! I will be doing some collaborations upcoming that I am very excited about as well as more music videos, and some upcoming shows! I stay pretty busy!

Anything else to add?

I would love to thank music gateway for this amazing opportunity! I also would like to leave my social media etc. I would also like to say that the thing that got me here was never giving up. There were times I felt like I should give up, but then I kept going. There were more difficult times than there were pleasant times in my full experience in the music business, but my love for music kept me going. I never quit, and I never gave up, and now the only people that I can say that did the same have success as well. So for your readers, I would just say never give up….never surrender!

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