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Happy To Introduce Nigel Sanders – Collaboration Success

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Happy To Introduce Nigel Sanders – Collaboration Success

First of all, tell us a bit about your role in the music industry and how you got there?

I am an ambient sonic artist, composer and academic. To say how I got there is a hard question to answer simply. However, I would say that the main thing that keeps me relevant and active in the industry is constant study, academic research and collaborating with other like-minded professionals. My research keeps an interest out there, in what I do and gives something different I hope, back to those that show interest in what I do.

Nigel Sanders

How long have you been a member of Мusic Gateway?

I first signed up to Мusic Gateway in 2014 and liked the way it offered a range of musical opportunities. It was the opportunity to network with people on a wider level that appealed to me.

It’s so great to hear about your collaboration that turned into a friendship. Could you tell us a bit more about that and how that came about?

After signing up to music gateway in 2014 I put an ad on the site and got a great response. One of the responses was a collaboration with the Italian artist and now producer Giovanni Amighetti. This initial project led to a recording session and a visit to Italy to record an EP. This EP was mixed and mastered by Stefanno Ricco and is available hereThis was a great experience for me and a real confidence-builder as I have a lot of mental health issues that affect my output.

Giovanni Amighetti

What have you guys been up to since that first collaboration?

In turn, this led to an ongoing relationship resulting in further collaborations with other musicians and artists Giovanni produces or has worked with. Including Pier Bernardi, The Cage, The Genesis Piano Project and currently Martina Surace a Viola player. I’m hoping to work on a forthcoming release in the not too distant future with Giovanni with Martina and a Harpist friend of hers.

 Two other collaborations also came from this first advertisement and they can be heard and seen here and here. In total this produced a further 3 albums and two EPs of recorded music. 6 releases actually came from that project in total so that really shows what you can get out of it.

Phonik Nigel Sanders

What do you think of Мusic Gateway?

I have tries other platforms and yours is really good value for money. Other sites focus on one thing, because you offer quite a few different opportunities, it stands out and shows the value. In comparison to other sites, I would put you as the main source of my current industry connections. Most opportunities and media outlets have come from your website. So thank you very much and well done.

What is your favourite memory so far in the music industry?

My favourite memory mmm. Playing with Redwood Country Band and the fact that the singers were completely mad and highly amusing. The band had great friends on board and we played some great gigs and festivals. 

Nigel Sanders Live

What top 3 tips would you give anyone reading this?

My advice would be a). to overcome any preconceptions of others and take a chance to work and collaborate with other likeminded creative minds. We are all in the same position and helping each other out makes many new friends and contacts that are precious both personally and professionally. b). Take care to pick your collaborations with the view of aligning your skills with what they are looking for. c). Be flexible, polite and open-minded.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future?

The next big project is a part of my PhD research into Ambient Music composition and its authenticity in performance. This is performing at the ‘Home of Metal’ Symposium at The Birmingham City university on the 13th September this year. We are also featured on Midlands Metalheads Radio. The project is called The Black September Falls Project and can be found here. We are currently looking for more live opportunities and a manager/promoter to work with on getting more work.

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