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Paul Baggott’s Skills Continue to Increasingly Get Noticed

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With over 40 years of experience in the music industry, Paul Baggott’s passion has overflowed into the exceptional skills seen through the work he provides for his client. With his work having been used in numerous advertisements, films, videos and television shows such as The One Show and Location, Location, Location. We caught up with Paul to discuss his opinion on the state of the industry, how the platform has met his goal and his opinion on what other members can do to utilise the site to aid their career and stay proactive.

#1 Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I’ve done all sorts of jobs from a postman to a teacher, to a swim school owner and lots in between. I’ve enjoyed making and recording music for more than forty years. In the past twelve to fifteen years the hobby has become a job and people are happy to pay me for the skills I have developed during that time. I absolutely love what I do. If you do a job you love you’ll never work again.

#2 How’re you enjoying the platform, what benefits have you noticed so far?

I have completed a dozen projects on Music Gateway and it has most definitely expanded my client list. I am still working with artists I’ve met on the site who hired me to produce their music.

#3 You’ve had an exceptional music career in the music industry so far. As someone who has written, recorded and produced music, in your opinion are online platforms such as Music Gateway changing the way writers and producers are working in the music industry compared to 20 years ago?

Twenty years ago I could not have done what I am doing now, as simple as that.

The internet and sites like Music Gateway have opened pathways to people like me who don’t perform live, who prefer to work alone and are pretty insular in their activity but who have good skills and abilities that many writers and artists need and want. My skills would be invisible if it wasn’t for sites like Music Gateway and the internet.

Working remotely suits me perfectly. I don’t like people looking over my shoulder and I don’t like having to take other people’s’ opinions on board during the creative process. That sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

But making decisions when creating music is crucial. I like to be free to make those decisions in my own time and on my own terms. I am never happy unless the project owner is. He or she may hate my ideas, in which case I am always willing to start again or dramatically change things. It’s great to know that time is not a factor adversely affecting this mutual creative process.

Traditionally, time was always linked to money, the hourly rate always in the back of the mind. Now time can be used to make sure that the client gets the track he or she wants for a fixed price that won’t change, however long it takes.  With Music Gateway I can present my ideas based on the clients’ wishes and the client can then reject or approve them. I can then react accordingly. For me, perfect.

#4 What are the main advantages for you with running projects through the platform as opposed to working with existing connections?

I have to be honest, the advantages are with the project owners rather than with me.

They can pitch their job and assess which professional will be the perfect fit for their needs. Music Gateway offers a safe place for artists and writers wanting to hire music professionals safe in the knowledge they will not get ripped off in an industry where being ripped off is commonplace. The advantage I enjoy is being able to access and bid for jobs through Music Gateway and being able to get paid a fixed amount for my work.

#5 What was your goal when you first joined, has your needs been met?

My hope was to expand my client list and that’s exactly what Music Gateway enabled me to do.

#6 What advice would you give to other members looking to utilise the site to aid their career and staying proactive?

It depends on members’ goals.  I mostly work with writers who often have some musical skills (some are solely lyricists) but feel unable to produce their songs to a commercial level. Because there is so much music out there they realise theirs has to be of a high quality to stand any chance of  success.  They hire producers like me to interpret and produce their songs so that they at least deserve a moment of A&R’s time for sync opportunities similar to those posted on Music Gateway.

If you are a writer looking to amass a collection of commercial recordings suitable for pitching to sync opportunities with the intention of placing the songs the best way is to invest in a producer according to the size of your pocket. Normally, this can be very risky. I have come across some horrendous stories just recently. But most importantly, Music Gateway’s platform is brilliant at minimising the chances of getting conned.

A professional approach is needed. This includes a willingness to pay for expertise.  Collaborations can work well also. But a successful outcome is dependent on many factors;

·  Collaborators need to commit to the project equally.

·  Skill sets and level of skills amongst individuals need to be in balance.

·  The ability to communicate with each other constructively is essential.

·  Personality clashes are common.

·  The ability to compromise is another mutually beneficial skill.

Collaboration is a good way to meet like-minded people, though. But the chances of ending up with a commercially viable recording first go are quite low because of the factors I mentioned above.

However, this is where Music Gateway again has a role to play. It provides a protective environment where collaboration project owners can carefully select potential collaborators. This goes a long way in reducing the risk associated with collaborating with people who are unknown to you.  Finally, never, ever give up.

If you’d like help in regards to developing your career or equally if you’d like to connect with people like Paul ,sign up to Music Gateway today!

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