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Ruffloaded Recordings seeks Vocalist through Music Gateway

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Today at Music Gateway we firstly bring to your attention the wonderful DJ/Producer Julian Napolitano/Ruff Loaderz with his recent release ‘Be Mine’ featuring vocals from Sheryl Deane of The Thrillseekers fame. Julian speaks of how Sheryl’s song worked instantly with a backing track that he had been working on and everything fell into place instantly.

December 2012 saw Julian form Ruffloaded Recordings with Robert Turner with their first release ‘Edge of letting go’ by Noise Freakz & Jorden Milnes receiving Radio 1 support as well as Kiss, Gaydio and Capital peaking at No.6 in the music week chart. The track is a thumping big room house track with big beats, chunky breaks, electric synths and the electronic vocal of Jorden Milnes.

Julian has worked has remixed with many big artists over the years with Beyonce, Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz, Snoop and Robbie Williams to name a few. For example, Julian remixed Beyonce’s singles ‘Run the World’ and ‘Count Down’.

Through Music Gateway Ruffloaded Recordings have posted up two collaboration projects ending tomorrow (so if you haven’t already pitched get going quickly!) looking for vocalists to collaborate and provide an original track topline written and recorded by the same artists to be released through the label over the next 2 months. The track has to be fully approved by Ruffloaded Recordings and shall be promoted extensively on release.

Check them out here:

Project 1

Project 2

This is a great example of just how easy it is to be connected with amazing record labels to work with through Music Gateway. Through this platform we can offer you many of these opportunities and as the site grows so will the amount of projects you can pitch for. Furthermore, if you are a DJ this is a great example of how to get the best musicians on your track!

For any of you producers out there here is some advice from Julian to motivate you, “Love what you do and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Learn to play the keyboards it’s an absolute life saver. Try not to rely on anyone, always be in control of your own brand and have a clear direction of where you’re going with your sound. Work with as many people as you can, for me it’s all about collaboration as you can learn so much from others…”

Music Gateway lets you collaborate with a whole range of musicians so get involved and make a profile today! Share and tweet!

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