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The Artist Notes: Andy Prinz – The Swiss-Army Music Manager

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Andy Prinz has been working in the music industry for nearly 30 years. From jobs at record and Synth stores, as well as producing and writing chart-topping music, to founding Andy Prinz Publishing & Consulting in 1999, there’s no part of the industry he hasn’t experienced, and his current role in A&R at Musikvertrieb, the biggest Swiss indie record label and distribution company, hasn’t stopped him from finding and managing new musical talent. Talent like the Swiss girl group Pull n Way.

Initially a girl group, the members were pulled from Instagram, and personal connections, which because of Andy’s background in consulting, were managed not only as a band, but also as social media influencers.

Starting at only 17 years old, the group, one member down, have progressed both musically and personally in the two years they’ve worked together. Or as Andy puts it:

“Jana & Mylène have become young women with a stronger personality. And of course they’re much more experienced now, in the studio, in media and live.”

With their 7th single Leaving You having been released recently, we wanted to find out a little more about the process and understand what it takes to maintain the consistency which is crucial to launching a successful career in the industry.

“The girls flew to Australia to a fantastic producer team called 1and2Productions in Melbourne to record 12 songs in just four days, but the producers work constantly on the final production as they have numerous jobs and other artists to work for.

“We get one to two finished tracks each month and decide which one’s gonna be next.”

Having a solid strategy, rather than having everything ready and perfected before you begin is the way to go, you just have to know what you’re doing. With Pull n Way, the plan was clear from the very start:

We follow a streaming focused single-strategy to build up a following, mainly on Spotify. The physical market is in free fall and Pull n Way are perfect for the streaming market, which we believe goes hand in hand with social media.

“We also wanted to release another Dance/Pop song after ‘Start Me Up (Joyride)’ before having a ballad coming out. There’s gonna be various material but we still want to keep some consistency and a certain flow.”

When it comes to the Pull n Way process of music making, they’re eager to collaborate with other producers and songwriters, to get the most from their sound. As an A&R expert, it’s important to know how to get a great result creatively for the people you’re working with. This involves playing not only to their strengths, but also understanding what areas could be even better.

Andy explains that: “although some tracks are co-written by the girls, they are at their early songwriter stage, so we worked with different songwriters on the project”.

Finding the right people to work with on your music can be a headache, especially if you’re just started out and your network might not be that big, but Andy was confident Мusic Gateway had what he needed.

“Like many other great songwriters involved in the project, we met a lot of them on the MusicGateway sites” he tells us.

One songwriting team in particular, The Holografik, (based in the UK) played a vital role in the duo’s next hit.

“They were fantastic, and it was a big pleasure working with them. They wrote the current single ‘Leaving you’, and really believed in the project. The funny thing is that I found the writers when I was looking for songs for other projects, but then thought: This is perfect for Pull n Way! Simon Brobyn is one of these guys, as well as Mick Lee, who co-wrote an upcoming song for the girls.”

It was a great experience for both Andy and the girls, and they have plans for future collabs with the team:

“We’ll certainly work with The Holografik again, and we can highly recommend them. The relationship is very professional but still super friendly and relaxed.”

So what exactly is the group’s future? It can sometimes be tricky to figure out your next moves as a new artist or band. So it’s worth coming up with a gameplan to ensure your longevity, and this is something Pull n Way have made sure of:

We will be releasing two or three EP’s within the next few months, and as soon as the planned tour starts (late 2018/early 2019) we might prepare a physical release as well, but mainly for sales at gigs and concerts.”

It’s important to understand your market, and where you are in terms of your abilities, as this can help you decide where to go next (physically and metaphorically!). Making a successful career out of music now is so much more than it was just 20 years ago. If there’s any advice Andy would offer to people getting started with their Music, or beginning their career in A&R it’s this:

“Before you start you have to define the “universe” around the artist. What’s the USP? Think of the look, sound, audience, and any goals, and consider the market!  Ask yourself what you need to do to achieve these things, and if you’re hardworking and knowledgeable enough to get there. I think as soon as you do this you’re ready to start. It might need patience and self confidence, but do your thing, make great music, and keep networking, and you’ll find your fans.”

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