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Top 10 Tips for Songwriters from the Songwriting Academy Berlin

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As we mentioned on our previous blog from last week, we managed to send a number of Мusic Gateway people to the Songwriting Academy’s Introduction to Songwriting course in Berlin. The knowledge and talent that we found there was really enlightening and inspiring. Here’s the top 10 giveaway tips that we managed to collect from all the songwriters…

Collaboration is King

“Don’t try to be a Jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. If you are a wonderful singer but your production skills aren’t as strong, link up with a producer who will polish your tune and make it sound a million times better than if you had done it all yourself.”

Always Be Prepared

“Always be prepared for the opportunities. You never know when the A&R or the producer of your dreams is going to walk right in front of you, so you need to have all your stuff ready. You need stuff recorded, mixed and mastered, you need to be up on your social media and you need to have your music and bio on your phone at any given time, because networking opportunities can come at the most unexpected times.”

Keep It Nice and Simple

“Keep it simple, don’t overcomplicate or try to be smart. It is best when you write from the heart and learn to write with your emotions.”

Alina Effertz – Singer-Songwriter, currently studying at BIMM

Repetition is Key

“Repetition is key. If you want people to remember your song, you have to make it repetitive and catchy, that way by the end of the tune the listener can’t stop humming the main melody.”

Learn as Much as You Can About the Industry

“[The music industry] is an exciting business, but it is also a bit of a closed system. Once you are inside of it you need to figure out how it works, because otherwise you are completely lost.”

Jack Woodhead – Songwriter/Artist

There’s Always a Niche for You

“Don’t try to copy what someone else is already doing, even if you really like their stuff. People can tell when you’re not being genuine. Always try to find you own niche because there is always something new that hasn’t been 100% explored and you also need to differentiate yourself from the pack.”

Follow your Gut

“The most important thing is to follow the first intuition for the songwriting idea, since this will usually be a lot better than you might originally think. It is easy to talk yourself out and be overly critical of your ideas. I think that putting a song on hold and coming back to it latter can give you quite a lot of perspective.

Don’t Care too Much About People’s Criticism

Also, if other people don’t like it, it is very unlikely that they are going to be mean, and if they are mean, why bother about their opinion?”

Alessandro – Electronic Pop artist from Berlin

Play the Numbers Game

“They always say that a lot of succeeding is being lucky, being in the right place at the right time, but luck is just a question of numbers. If you go to hundreds of events, collaborate with hundreds of artists, write hundreds of songs and send your music to hundreds of people, one of them is bound to be a hit, right?”

Get Yourself Out There

“The most interesting thing was the seven faults that Songwriters make. The one that got to me was that if you don’t get yourself out there, no one is going to hear you. As well, be realistic. So many artists become a bit delusional and expect stuff to be given to them. Success requires a lot of hard work.”

Sam Samba – Pop Songwriter and Guitarist

As you can see, there are many things you can do to improve your chances of making it as a songwriter. One the most crucial  tips, is having the ability to collaborate and create a network with like-minded artists, songwriters and other professionals. Sign up to Мusic Gateway and Start Collaborating!

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