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Tyler Shamy Collaborates With DJ Bluesy – ‘Trust Issues’ Remix

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Tyler Shamy Collaborates With DJ Bluesy – ‘Trust Issues’ Remix

Recently, we caught up with LA based songwriter and topline singer Tyler Shamy, to discuss his collaboration on the remix of his latest single ‘Trust Issues’ with the DJ and producer Bluesy.

Tyler Shamy and DJ Bluesy Collaboration

Tyler Shamy is undoubtedly one of the most prolific artists on Music Gateway so far, and holds an impressive 50 plus successful sync placements to his name! Firstly, Tyler tells us about his musical background and journey in the music industry so far. Learn about the collaborative process behind the ‘Trust Issues’ remix, and discover why collaborating is such an important aspect of Tyler’s music. Find out what Tyler thinks of the Music Gateway platform, how his journey with our promotions team has been, and what features he likes/uses the most! Finally, discover what Tyler’s main piece of advice would be to those of you out there that are thinking about, or looking to collaborate…

Could you tell us about your experience in the music industry so far?

“I grew up doing musical theatre, which led me to on camera acting and voiceover, and started songwriting just for fun at age 12. I recorded my first original songs when I was 13.  When I was a teenager I moved to LA to pursue acting and music, and over time grew more passionate about songwriting, even more so than my passion for being an artist or actor. Songwriting for tv and film and other artists kind of became the focus. I still pursue voiceover and have my artist project, but songwriting is what fulfils me the most.

Tyler Shamy

I’m somebody who needs variety in my life though, so doing all of it is still important to me and helps keep things interesting, plus so much of it goes hand in hand. My experience in the industry has been both challenging and rewarding. I’ve had a lot of ‘almosts’ and moments that I thought I was getting my “break”, but then something falls through.  I think a lot of people would have given up by now to be honest, but I can’t see myself being happy doing anything else, and I’m in it for the long run. And I’ve had enough rewards and successes along the way that kind of help to fuel my fire and keep me going…”

Did you have fun collaborating? What did you learn from the process?

“Yes! To be honest, Bluesy and I didn’t do much hands on collaborating because we’re in different countries. When it comes to remixing, there’s only so much involvement I can have other than sharing my ideas and vision. This is due to the fact that I’m a topliner and singer, but not a producer.

Collaboration is funny like that in this day and age…I’ve collaborated with so many people I’ve never even met, but other times I’m co-writing and working with people in a room for 10 hours straight. Many of my collaborators have become close friends, and others are practically strangers yet we share a piece of art together.  I think Bluesy did a good job of taking a different approach to Trust Issues and making it feel really different than the original, which I think is key in a remix. I never see the point in having a remix that’s too similar to the original.”

Tyler Shamy Trust Issues DJ Bluesy Remix

Have you collaborated with others in the past and do you hope to continue collaborating?

“Absolutely. I do a lot of DJ features, which is a fun way to cross promote and be exposed to a new fan base. As a writer, I’m working with different people 3-5 times a week in writing sessions. I do work with a lot of the same co-writers and producers as well because once you know that you get positive results with somebody and have similar tastes, work flows, and so on, why wouldn’t you want to keep that going and build upon it?  Writing with new people is more of a gamble, but 75% of the time I’m happy I did it and it’s always good to mix it up because different people will bring different things out of you. And the combination of one person’s influences with somebody else’s can be magical and unique.”

Are there any other projects you’re working on at the moment?

“I’m currently working with some amazing artists (some signed, some unsigned), that I really believe in such as Sachi, KO, Natalie Major, Savvy & Mandy. A single I wrote with KO called Mood was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. I’m also working on my solo artist project and releasing songs for that almost every month, various features with DJ’s, and my duo with Tova Litvin called Story & Blue. I have a couple major DJ collaborations in the works, but I’m not allowed to talk about them just yet!

Other than that, I do a lot of song pitching for both major artists and sync.  Landed some exciting K-Pop cuts recently with TVXQ, D&E (Super Junior), Yuri of Girls Generation, and Charming Jo.  As for recent TV/Film placements, I’ve had some songs featured in Paradise Hotel (FOX), iZombie (CW), Station 19 (ABC), This Close (Sundance Channel), and a couple Hallmark Christmas movies that’ll air later this year.”

What’s the purpose of a remix?


“I think they can help expose your music to a different demographic, especially if the remix is done in a different genre than the original version. For example, taking a pop song and turning it into an EDM remix can definitely widen your audience. There are some cases that a remix does better than the original, but I think that’s pretty rare and often comes with a radio push, a DJ/remixer that already has a large fan base, and a lot of other factors.”

What interests you the most about the MG platform, and what do you mainly use it for?

“I love Music Gateway and think they’ve created a really cool international networking community for musicians, and as far as I know nothing like it has existed before. My favorite aspect of the platform is simply the briefs to pitch my songs to more opportunities for sync or artist cuts, because I’m more focused on finding new opportunities for my songs rather than new collaborators. I also love the new service they’ve started to get your songs in retail stores.  MG did come in handy in introducing me to Bluesy and having him do my Trust Issues remix, which was very helpful.”

You’ve been working with our head of artist development and promotions, Mark Adams. How has this experience been?

Mark Adams Head Of Artist Development & Promotions, Music Gateway

“Mark is really enthusiastic and passionate, and believed in me and my song Trust Issues from the beginning! This is super important if you’re going to bring someone onto your team.  You need to make sure they’re genuinely behind it and they’re willing to fight for it. Otherwise the work is going to be half-assed and you’ll be disappointed by the results. I think Mark did a great job at pushing Trust Issues to radio in the UK, helping to get my streams up, and coordinating the remix. I’d definitely recommend working with him if you get the chance!”

What advice do you have for anyone looking to collaborate?

Tyler Shamy collaboration with DJ Bluesy

“Be open minded, don’t bring your ego to the session, and have opinions but be flexible! Try to work with people who might be better in a certain area that you lack in. Also, make sure you like the person’s work that you’re collaborating with beforehand! Otherwise it’s probably not going to be a fun or successful collaboration. At the end of the day, everything musical is subjective and there’s so much taste involved!”

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