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We Talk Rap, Rock and Remixes with The LaFontaines

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UK based pop-rock focused label ‘Lab Records’ is home to a number of great bands that are currently exploding their way onto the rock scene with acts such as Hellogoodbye, Katie Sky, Cartel, Anavae and the feature of today’s article the brilliant; The LaFontaines.

We caught up with the band they shared with us their experiences and greater insight into their lives, which we hope inspires and helps all you aspiring bands out there. They are set to explode so keep an eye on them!

1. Introduce yourself and tell us about your new E.P, any overall message you wanted to give to your fans?

Hello there, I’m Iain and I play guitar in The LaFontaines. A very unique hip-hop infused punk rock band hailing from Scotland. We have just released our new single ‘All She Knows’ via Lab Records and we’re very excited about that. It’s our first proper grown up release on a label and hopefully our fans will agree that it’s a more mature song. We’re thrilled to share it and have had some great responses. If I had any message for the fans it would simply be buy it, share it, tell us what you think about it! It’s only 250 pennies for the full EP, you couldn’t even get 250 penny sweets for that sort of money nowadays.

2. Your blend of different genres and sounds is pretty unique, what inspired you to mix rap with pop-rock? 

I don’t think anything really inspired us to go down that route other than the fact it’s what we were collectively interested in. Myself and Kerr formed the band a few years ago when he was just a teenage rapper trying to make a name for himself in the quiet streets of Motherwell and I was playing in bands trying to sound like the bands I love. Now every member puts a little bit of whatever they like into it and that’s what makes our music sound like it does. The Sunday Times once said “it shouldn’t work but it really does”.

3. Are you excited for your upcoming tour? Any special tour preparations you like to do?

Personally I’m always excited to do shows no matter where but it’s always pretty special playing headline gigs in Scotland. We’ve spent a lot of time this year in England supporting various bands so it’s nice to see some faces that have been with us for a couple of years now. We don’t have any special tour preparations really, other than preparing the font bus to try and assure we don’t break down anywhere. Sadly no amount of preparation ever seems to pay off there.

4. When and how did you get into the music industry?

Myself and Kerr formed the band about 3 to 4 years ago but really we’ve only started touring and putting out music for the past 2 years when John (bassist/vocals) joined. We don’t like  him to get too big a head but he probably provided the last piece of the puzzle.

5. What were your main learning curves, what were you key goals, did you think about what you wanted to achieve?

I think any young band goes through a lot of similar learning curves whether it be how to work with promoters, engage yourself with fans or just conduct yourself around anyone. I think we went in thinking we wanted to reach as many people as possible and that’s never changed.

6. Do you believe that on occasions, people have to comprise their creativity to ensure the music they are making is accepted in a certain market place or genre?

I could probably describe times I’ve seen that happen to a few bands and with the type of music we make it’s obviously something we think about a lot. I can remember going through a stage where we attempted to write music we thought would appeal to a certain demographic of people and it was honestly horrible. I’d be wary being in any sort of band and going too far down that route, write the music you’d like to hear.

7. Have you done any collaborations or are up for doing some in the future?

We put out a video a few weeks ago with another Glasgow band ‘Fatherson’ covering a Frank Ocean tune and we’ve done a few different collaborations with our pals ‘Twin Atlantic’ that I’d urge people to check out. In terms of the future we have a few ideas for our debut album although we’ll have to see how that pans out.

8. Having been explained Music Gateway and its core functionality, how would you have benefited from such a system, when trying to develop your career?

I think any opportunity to make people feel a part of your music is incredibly beneficial. Normally we’d try to maintain that with intimate gigs and just keeping in touch with the fans however allowing people the option to remix a tune itself is amazing. Apart from the fact it’ll be cool to hear whatever anyone came up with, it’s a very cool platform for fans to have their input directly into the music we make.

9. Do you agree that to get anywhere in the music industry, you have to get off your backside and market yourself and your music?

Without a doubt, the days are long gone when a label would plough money into a band that haven’t already proved themselves to quite a considerable level. At the end of the day, there are dozens of methods for self marketing yourself nowadays and you’ll get out of it whatever you put in. Any band not willing to do that will never get anywhere.

Check out their new single, All She Knows on Vevo.

The band is surely set for great things and we think they sound very refreshing to the ears! If you want to find more of the best new rock acts in the industry then check out LAB Record’s roster and treat yourself to a whole range of talent and quite simply great songs.

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