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Why team up with producers to achieve songwriting success?

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In the music industry it is often time consuming and sometimes inconvenient to find the right professionals to get involved with the creative process of your music. However, Jen Armstrong has found that through our site she has eliminated this struggle. Jen wanted producers to team up with to create quality tracks to place with well known artists. Through Music Gateway she found the right producers for the task, read more about it and why it’s a good option for you as well below.

Firstly, tell us more about yourself and your experience of the music industry so far.


My name is Jen Armstrong. I’ve happily toured the UK, travelled to LA, Vancouver, Florida, Texas, Sweden and Finland to write, record and perform with other songwriters, producers and artists, and I’ve supported Billy Ocean, The Vaccines, The Proclaimers and more at festivals in the UK. I won Rock The House 2012, a competition run by The House of Commons, and I was nominated for a Hollywood in Music and Media Award. I’m endorsed by Nord keyboards and I have over 330,000 hits on YouTube. A recent achievement was having cuts on a Scandinavian platinum-selling album. I’m also a session vocalist, having worked on hundreds of projects throughout my career. I hold a Masters Degree in Music Performance and grade 8 in classical piano and violin, which I use frequently in my work. I’m currently in the States on an Artist O1 visa.



What attracted you to Music Gateway?


I’m always looking for new innovative music resources and ways of finding talented people to work with – Music Gateway seemed to fit the bill.

How did Music Gateway make it easier to find producers & songwriters to collaborate with and was this more effective than your previous methods before?


The previous ways I’ve found such people to work with is through networking events – face to face meetings. Music Gateway was so handy and time saving – because it meant being able to do a similar thing online. I got a tonne of pitches and I just needed to listen to the submissions to figure out who I wanted to go forward with and collaborate with.

So how did you find the creative process once connected? We’re sure you’ve made some great new music!


Absolutely! One new relationship I’m particularly stoked about, we already have 4 songs wrapped up, with 2 more on the go. That’s good going! The other relationships are equally as great but slightly slower, which of course is fine – being a musician these days you have to have fingers in many many pies, so whilst you’re waiting on something from one project, there’s always another 10 on the go!

Would you say collaboration with likeminded producers and songwriters is fundamental to writing quality songs when pitching these songs to major artists worldwide?


Yes. Plus I have found great writers who are also producers – which saves a lot of time and money.


What can we expect from you in the future?


I’m pretty confident I have a few number one hits up my sleeve, watch this space!

Jen’s New Collaboration Project! 


Jen is now looking for even more producers to collaborate with. Want to work with her? Then check out  Jen’s new project by clicking here.

At Music Gateway we know how important it is to have the highest quality demos and recordings and the kind of effect it can have on trading your music. This is why we make it an available option to access the best producers for your musical endeavors.

If you want to collaborate with a producer or hire a producer to work with like Jen did, then visit Music Gateway and create a project tailored to you!

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