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12 One Entertainment Seek Top Line Writers & K Pop / J Pop Songs

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At the helm of 12 One Entertainment based out of London, England UK is CEO Paul Kennedy. 12 One Entertainment focuses on a myriad of various services for Music Industry Professionals including; Recording, A & R and Music Publishing via East Side Music Publishing.  Moreover, 12 One Entertainment represents a number of different Musical Artists and industry professionals comprising of; Mastiksoul, Natalie Williams, Odd Jensen, Michael Angelo, Will Simms, Krisshane, Ashwin “Smash” Seegobin, Lea Anna Gallimore, Kpop and J Market just to name a few.

Currently there are two open amazing projects for 12 One Entertainment that are seeking individuals for the purpose of collaboration with like-minded individuals on the Music Gateway.

The first is for Lisbonborn Fernando Figueira, also known as Mastiksoul, who is Angolan and Portuguese in descent; DJ and Producer. Several of his songs are highly rated on the global music charts; as well as being nominated for a Beatport Music Award in 2009.  Mastiksoul is currently desiring to collaborate with top liners and vocalists of either gender who have access to remote recording.  Since he works predominately as a DJ, access to remote recording is essential to his vast body of work.

You can check out this project HERE.

The next is a K Pop A & R project.  K-Pop, also known as Korean Pop, is a musical sub-category with an origin and base in South Korea.  What they’re specifically seeking are fresh original songs that they are willing to bring to production if it suits their style.  South Korean Pop houses within itself a number of different music genres including; Dance-Pop, Pop Ballad, Electronic, Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop and R&B. The benefit with so many varieties of music is that it does cover a lot of ground for all the different eclectic artists out there who are looking to prosper within their specific sound.

You can check out this project HERE


Our modern universe allows for a massive partnership for those living across the globe.  The one aspect of Music Gateway that I relish beyond belief is that you can be oceans apart and still have a live virtual platform which; permits you to connect with anyone within the Music Industries to ensure your needs are consistently being met.  In the days of old a partnership on this level would have been nearly impossible; it’s now time to take advantage of the bounty both the; Mastiksoul & K Pop ventures are offering.

If you’re looking to collaborate with vocalists worldwide, why not try us out?

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