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6 Reasons Why Collaboration Leads to Revenue & Deals

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Collaboration is on the up. Everyone and their mum is a featured artist on a track these days. But why is everyone hyped on collaborations and co-writes? Is it a primitive urge to band together to survive, or is it something more nuanced? Spoiler alert, it’s both.

According to a recent Music Week research “It now takes an average of four-and-a-half songwriters to generate the biggest hit singles.” The trend is even more pronounced. Collaborating and co-writing with other artists and writers will get you places, and eventually can earn you money whether you’re the artist, or they are on your roster.

If you choose who you work with carefully and collaborate tactically, you can use the music you co-create as stepping stones to your desired career path.

Here’s 6 key things to think about when collaborating;

1. Build Relationships

The number one reason is to expand your network across the industry. Don’t be afraid to ask bigger artists to work together and equally, don’t be that guy who won’t work with someone because you’re better, at the end of the day, talent is talent. One of the things Music Gateway does is help provide access to all level A&Rs and writers, providing creative opportunities on all levels. It can also lead to great musical friendships that could last for a very long time.

2. Get Your Music Into The Right Ears

The Music Industry is a game of who you know as well as talent. So if you cross paths with an Artist who already has a publishing deal or signed and you end up collaborating with them, that co-creation is automatically going to be listened to by all of those people. If it’s good, and has a strong sense of your ‘sound’ mixed with your collaborators, it can lead to big things and new international audiences. You can find out more here.

3. Pushing Your Creative Limits

Everyone has their own writing style and process. Sometimes writing with people can be uncomfortable, or you might have to make compromises and concessions on a lyric, or melody or structure, but being open-minded and trying new things is a sure way to grow as an Artist. Be opinionated, and fight your case, but if you’ve chosen your writing partner carefully you could be opening the door to sounds you could never have dreamed of making alone.

4. Motivates You To Finish Tracks

I don’t know about you, but when I’m writing tracks, it can be so easy to get halfway through and lose momentum or get distracted by a new hook. Working quickly is one solution, another is collaboration (are you starting to see a pattern here?). When someone is on the other end of the line pushing you to finish up a co-write, you’re not just at your own whim here, and having that motivation to finish can be very powerful.

5. Build Your Audience

10,000 of your fans, + 10,000’s of their fans = A 20,000 fan audience & listeners, but actually it’s also about creating better music, songs and production that in turn leads to bigger things and more streams. Simple stuff I know, but what’s more, if you’re working with Artists from different countries, this can introduce your music to new international markets, new fans, and even bigger opportunities for growth. It has been our mission from day 1 to make it easier for Artists, Songwriters, Bands and Musicians to collaborate internationally, with MG there are no borders!

6. Have Others Pitch Your Music

This one is really cool, and pretty simple. The more writers you work with, and the more co-created tracks you have out there in the universe, the more people that are going to be hustling your tracks on your behalf. Everyone has their own network, and if you own 50% of a recording or publishing rights with someone, and it’s a killer track, they’re going to try and get it into playlists, and in front of Publishers, Labels and Music Supervisors.

“I love working with artists that believe what they’re doing is precious. Getting to know people through music, at least for me, feels like one of the closest relationships you could have. Even if you were fighting while doing that song, even if you had total disagreement, because by the end of that process, you have so much respect and love for the other person because they’ve helped you create something. And I really believe that.” Nile Rodgers, Record Producer & Songwriter

We’ve always been huge believers in collaboration here at Music Gateway since the early days of the platform, the very first iteration of the platform was all about creating an online community that empowers Artists with the ability to expand their network by collaborating with like-minded creatives from all around the world. We’ve since expanded on what we do to solve some other issues in the industry, but we never forgot our roots. To post a collaboration project, first of all register on our site here and then click here to get your project stated.

Thanks for reading, Laurence @ MG

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