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A Contemporary Classic: Lotus Sound Project – Papaya Weave

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Jonathan Robinson


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Papaya Weave

An authentic approach to acoustic sound design and field recording based composition. Papaya Weave is crafted from layered binaural sound capture and minimal instrumentation, offering a unique, artistic perspective of life around us.

The first two minutes of the track are primarily recordings taking whilst walking down a street and under a bridge. The use of binaural recording is immediately evident in the detailed and articulate stereo spacialisation heard in this section. Listening carefully, you can pick out each layered recording by the events heard within; cars and wind passing by on the right while the echoes bounce back from the wall on the left. But amidst the echoes is speech and wind rushing, each layer another dimension to the work.

As the piece progress the robust tone of a singing bowl can be heard buried in the mix, but gently coming forth with more aggressive playing. The whirring metallic sound sits at a stark contrast to the gently moving traffic and wind, pointedly introducing an instrumental accompaniment to the sound. Slowly taking over the mix as the field recordings fade out and are replaced by a faint effected vocalisation, the bowl becomes steadier and emanates a constant pitch with prepared percussive effect.

Sitting at the forefront of the stereo field, the prepared bowl becomes the focal point of the piece. Supported by the buried effected section, the rhythmic performance starts to separate and form ringing bell strikes. 

This change in performative practice introduces a series of cluttered glockenspiel trills. Finalising the piece, several layers of these trills are layered with varying amounts of reverb, creating a surreal sense of space and musicality for the listener, whilst maintaining the dynamic and tonal shift to serve as the work’s ending.

Papaya Weave is an excellent output of found-sound, prepared instrumentation and field recordings with electroacoustic production techniques. Drawing on many quintessential experimental compositional pieces, Lotus Sound Project has created a contemporary work with classic qualities.

  • Overall rating: 9.5/10
  • Pairs well with: Fathom – Douglas Quin

About Lotus Sound Project

UK based ambient composer Lotus Sound Project began her career with soundscapes of effect vocals in improvised live settings. She now moves to incorporate raw sound sources in a blend of real and surreal, for an immersive listening experience.

Stream ‘Papaya Weave’ on Bandcamp:

Papaya Weave

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Instagram | Bandcamp

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