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Adosa Gray ‘Exes’: A battle of Emotions and Chemistry – Out Now

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‘Exes’ is the debut release from Adosa Gray, a Scotland/London based singer who has set out to write and release the kinds of music that she’s needed to hear at certain times in her life.


A song that fits quite neatly into the dream-pop genre, next to artists like Sia and Maggie Rogers, ‘Exes’ exhibits the relieving nature that music can have. Telling a story of how hard it can be to let go. Always finding yourself going back for the chemistry and feelings you have for someone, even when it isn’t working.

Radiating a dream-pop foundation, ‘Exes’ features a dynamic mixture of synths, drums, guitar, pads and keys. Elevated by Adosa Gray’s powerful and emotion-filled vocals throughout.

Telling the story of a relationship that has run its course, ‘Exes’ explores a relationship that had already finished but neither party had let go. ‘Exes don’t kiss like this’ are the standout lyrics from the song & also the main sentiment Adosa Gray wishes to convey. Being heard throughout, it refers to going back to an ex-partner and kissing like it’s the first time. Letting go of the history and problems of the previous relationship, before reality slowly sets back in, the relationship is flawed.

Who Is Adosa Gray?

Choosing to remain anonymous, Adosa Gray is a Scotland/London based singer-songwriter.

Adosa Gray’s music channels her main influences of Maggie Rogers and Sia. At the very heart, Adosa Gray writes music that people can relate to, believing that the best thing her chosen medium can do is to bring familiar feelings of comfort for the highs and lows of life

Adosa Gray finds comfort in expressing herself by pen and paper, she was instantly drawn to music & is a self-taught guitarist and songwriter. While studying for an Undergrad in Psychology at NYU, Gray attended songwriting workshops that would go onto solidify her passion of becoming a songwriter, not just as a hobby but as a career. Writing music allows her to process the times of her life through a more focused lens.

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