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Alessia Raisi `I Love U`: A Vibrant Love Song - Out April 24th!

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Alessia Raisi 'I Love U' Artwork

Alessia Raisi ‘I Love U’ is out on April 24th –  and this one is worth the wait! Having travelled the globe, this fierce pop/rock singer certainly doesn’t hold back in her musical career, as she integrates her travels and global experiences with her music.  

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Who Is Alessia Raisi?

Alessia Raisi 'I Love U'

Alessia Raisi is an incredibly talented Italian born musician, now based in Shanghai, China where she serves as the Ambassador Of Italian Music. 

She began her music career upon learning to play the piano at a young age. This led to her singing, further igniting a fierce passion for music. She began performing in local bands & emulating her long-standing idols – Madonna, Anouk, Anastacia, Elisa, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner & Alanis Morissette. The latter of whom’s gravelly vocal can be heard within Alessia’s own voice.

Due to education and a search for “real jobs” Alessia momentarily put music on hold. This threat, however, failed to stop her pursuit of music as she continued to write and perform whenever she was able. This resulted in Alessia performing with world-famous artists such as Paolo Conte, Gianni Morandi, Vassco Rossi & Adriano Celentano.

Alessia soon moved to Shanghai for work. The move ended up being a truly magnetic kick-start to her newly rebuilt music career. Alessia assimilated well into Chinese culture, soon finding herself performing on K-TV; a popular station in China. The rising sense of purpose came flooding back as Alessia began to collaborate further, taking up partnerships with Wang Feng, Cui Jian & Chyi Chin.

After years of perseverance and hard work, Alessia continues to perform across the globe. Her knowledge of the international music scene, as well as her ability to sing in eight different languages, proves that she is worthy of being the next world-dominating artist. 

Alessia Raisi ‘I Love U’: An Invigorating Love Song

‘I Love U’ is a refreshing love song celebrating positivity with its vibrant blend of rock and pop. Alessia additionally throws in a staple of her artistic persona with subtle dance-pop nods throughout ‘I Love U’, referencing her favourite musical eras. The solemnity and strength that her voice presents help to solidify Alessia’s signature vocal, conjuring up an ignition of passion & emotion.

Notably, Alessia’s multicultural life has greatly influenced her music which is closely mirrored in this track. ‘I Love U’ comes as a result of Alessia traveling the world, learning new languages and taking onboard dozens of new cultures & traditions. This proves once again that Alessia Raisi is a force to be reckoned with!

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