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Amanda Rakel ‘Indigo Blue’: Liking Someone You Know You Shouldn’t – Out Now!

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Amanda has gone from strength to strength with each song of 2020 and shows no sign of slowing down. Her 4th single of the year, ‘Indigo Blue’ is set for release on August 14th.

‘Indigo Blue’: Bolder and More Mature

Armed with a bolder and more mature vocal style, there is also a more playful production style present.

Amanda and her long-time co-writer Mette Damm have taken inspiration from the recent wave of heavily 80s-inspired tracks; think The Weeknd‘s ‘Blinding Lights‘ and Dua Lipa‘s ‘Don’t Start Now‘. With lush, ethereal vocals, solid beats and rhythmic synth lines, Amanda channels a delicate presence similar to Ellie Goulding and Alessia Cara.

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“Indigo Blue is about liking someone you know you really shouldn’t, but not being able to control yourself around them”

“I know it sounds strange,” she explains, “but anyone I get to know, I usually end up associating to a colour. Whenever I think of the men I’ve been attracted to, they all have an iridescent indigo blue aura. When I recall them, they appear in my mind with this mesmerizing dark blue hue”

Who Is Amanda Rakel?

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Amanda refers to herself as a ‘cultural mess’. Born in Germany to a Danish mother and Swedish father, she later moved to Switzerland to attend school and has since lived in London, New York and Copenhagen.

Amanda’s family were always musical. She and her siblings were enrolled onto the music program at school where she promptly broke one cello and two guitars. Amanda wondered if this meant the end of her music career, but fortunately, her butterfingers were only a mild hindrance.

In 2011 Amanda was hospitalised for depression. While in the clinic, she wrote poems that soon matched up with melodies. In the summer of 2015, Amanda moved to Copenhagen and started working with her music coach, Mette Damm. In November 2017, Amanda released ‘Soaked‘, her first EP.

Amanda Rakel has come back strong in 2020 after nearly a 12-month hiatus. Her first single of 2020 ‘I Tried‘ was featured on Spotify Denmark’s New Music Friday, and subsequent new track ‘Magnetic‘ was named “a true EDM hit” by Bands of Tomorrow.

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