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Apocraphe – ‘A Paris L’Affaire 2014’ – out now!

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A boom bap tour de force that celebrates lyricism and impeccable flows, each rapper here brings their absolute A-game, weaving their verbal gymnastics comfortably into the backdrop of thumping drums.

‘A Paris L’Affaire 2014’

As the debut single to his album ‘The Escapist Handbook’, Apocraphe presents ‘A Paris L’Affaire 2014’. An unreleased posse cut, the track features all ten members of legendary Parisian hip hop crew L’Affaire for the first time together on one track – Lomepal, Mothas La Masquerade, Bhati, Tonio MC, Nostal, Black Sam, K.E.T.U.R., Saïd Baxter, Yoch, and SPL.

Originally recorded in 2014, this track features a neck-snapping beat produced by super-producer Nat Powers, accompanied by Pierre Stone on trumpet.

“This song is a snapshot of an incredibly precious moment in time, spent with some unbelievably talented artists and amazing friends. It’s a boom bap banger, and every one of the talented individuals steps up and knocks it out of the park. It’s a celebration of versatile rhyme spitting over a head-snapping beat.”

Who Is Apocraphe?

A native son of Leicester, Apocraphe was a primal force in Midlands hip hop in the early 2000s, releasing a slew of projects under his record label, Main Rock Records, before moving to Paris in 2011. In Paris he struck up a friendship with legendary rap crew L’Affaire. Managing for Naiad, a group within L’Affaire, he authored, recorded and mixed a joint album between them and super-producer Nat Powers (Snoop Dogg, Public Enemy). The result was the critically acclaimed ‘Soul Food’, with features from Apocraphe himself, Akil of Jurassic 5, and many more. He also recorded and mixed the ‘Paris South Playa EP’ by Mothas La Masquerade (founder of L’Affaire), which has seen millions of streams and views across all platforms.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the demand of producers and artists to work with him allowed him to open up his artistic creativity once more, creating ‘The Escapist Handbook’ – a meditation on escapism in its many forms.

Despite decades in the artform, his form of lyricism remains fresh and relevant, with the album touching on every genre of hip hop, from boom bap to drill, and everything in between. With features ranging from newcomers like Misiek of Les Autres, through to multi-platinum French artist Lomepal, as well as the rest of L’Affaire, the album is accessible to all generations and every type of listener.

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