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At Face Value ‘Swim’: Unapologetically Pop-Punk – Out February 12th

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Always looking to collaborate, this time around At Face Value have teamed up with Eric Taff at the Buzzlounge Recording Studio. Creating the perfect mix of pop and punk, ‘Swim‘ is a step in a new direction for the boys of At Face Value.

‘Swim’: Making Waves

Guitarist Parker wrote ‘Swim‘ around seven years ago, waiting for the perfect time to drop this lively hit!

I think the song lyrics are really an introspective look at myself, one of those ones I’m writing for myself as an outlet. In that regard, I hope others can listen and say “I feel that way too.” Maybe they have felt that very same pressure that I have to fit in. Maybe they feel like they are indulging more than they’d like and it’s getting harder to slow down. I don’t think the message is to stop trying to fit in or stop drinking. It’s, “Hey, many of us try to fit in, many of us have our vices. You are not weak if these things apply to you, and someone else has felt the same way.” – Alec 

The modern age and society we live in is the key inspiration for the track. We’re living in a society where our faces are glued to screens – specifically, people who are in their teens and twenties – constantly engaged in the media and absorbing the party culture we all live within. Not all of this is inherently bad, but depending on one’s mentality, there can be added pressure to drink and succumb to your vices to be able to fit in. The chorus is big and uppity-sounding. If you look closely at the lyrics, “Binge and call it my biggest send”, “Call it lit cuz I’m burning down everything” – they are using this new age we live in as an excuse for drinking and messing your life up.

Who Are At Face Value?

Formed in 2012 in Kingsville, MD, At Face Value manage to create their own unique and edgy pop-punk / alternative rock sound with influences from bands such as All Time Low, Blink 182, and Yellowcard. Facing the all-too-familiar trials and tribulations growing up (loss of loved ones, break ups, etc), their writing style and catchy – yet refreshing – chord progressions, melodies and lyrics help put a positive spin on things.

Formed by Alec Myers (Vocals) and Jeremiah Douglas (Drums) and with a few line-up changes, brothers Parker Ross and Grayson Ross joined the fray completing the current five-piece.

The band’s debut release ‘Growing Up Young‘ struck a chord with the well-known Baltimore Pop-Punk scene and beyond. The band followed with single ‘Thick As Thieves‘ (produced by Paul Leavitt: All Time Low, The Used, Yellowcard) and leaves no doubt that they have plenty to offer. The band’s third studio release was recorded with Seth Henderson (Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, Devil Wears Prada) ‘Ivy & Echo‘ was well-received yet again across the alternative scene.

Currently, the band are seeing increasing Spotify placements on their most recent releases, a promising sign as At Face Value gear up to release their biggest record yet – bending the worlds of rock, pop and punk into an absolute powerhouse of a project.

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