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Aubrey Whitfield on Production, Co-Writing and Supporting the Youth

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There’s only a handfull of female producers out there and Aubrey’s one of them, having used the platform to collaborate and share her pearls of wisdom as a guest blogger we got in touch to see what’s coming up next…

Tell us a bit about yourself and your style of music?

I am a music producer, songwriter and vocalist. My vocals are suited to both rock and dance music but I tend to produce commercial pop music. I am currently the most successful female music producer in the UK and I am an in demand vocalist for EDM music in particular. I am also a session vocalist with Free Vocals.

As an artist how often do you collaborate with other artists?

Collaboration is critical to the development of any musician’s career! So I collaborate on a weekly basis. Whether that is co-producing a track, co-writing or providing vocals and toplines. I have learnt that collaboration can really increase your profile as an artist and as a producer.

You collaborated with Patrik Remann can you tell us about the creative process and outcome of the project?

Patrik was looking for a vocalist and top line writer for his produced track. He sent me the guide track and I wrote the top line melody and recorded the vocals in my home studio. I called the track Don’t Let Me Go. Once Patrik was happy with the vocals I sent him the dry vocal stems so he could mix and master the final song. A few weeks later the track was released on PR Records as part of a worldwide release. The beauty of Мusic Gateway is that Patrik and I were able to co-write a song from two different countries and still get an amazing product out it. Collaborating online is the future of music creation and Мusic Gateway helps me to make new connections.

What advice would you give to artists looking to develop on a platform like Мusic Gateway?

The best advice is to make sure you check out the reference files before applying. There is no need to apply for all opportunities. Instead, only apply for the briefs that you feel are relevant to you. Check Мusic Gateway regularly to check for new opportunities that appear daily and make sure you communicate regularly with any other artists that you connect with on the site.

Whats the best thing about being one of a handful of female producers?

Because only 4% of producers are female, it means that I have a unique selling point! There are many artists who want to work with female producers and so we find ourselves in demand because we are able to offer something different.

How important is it to enhance and develop young talent?

Extremely! I am currently teaching commercial music production at a London college and it’s rewarding to see young musicians developing at such a young age. The current generation of producers, writers and artists are responsible for nurturing the future generation. Without young talent, music trends will stay stagnant and we need the youngsters to come through and break music trends. It’s also very rewarding to mentor young people and then watch them grow into successful musicians.

What’s next for yourself, any big projects/new singles?

As well as being a VERY busy music producer, I am currently in a duo called The Utopia with one of Argentina’s most famous singers, Gaston Dalmau. We have just finished our debut EP called Made to Last which will be released later in the year!

Are you a producer looking for artists to collaborate with?

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