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Black Sands ‘Old Ghosts’: Dark, Moody, Powerful – Out December 4th!

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‘Old Ghosts’ is the brand new single from Amsterdam based artist Black Sands – aka Andrew Belfour. This dark and moody single is Alternative offering like no other, with hard-hitting synths, rock-inspired textures, highlighting the passive yet powerful vocals. – Out December 4th

‘Old Ghosts’: They Are A Part Of You

After the recent death of his sister, who had been struggling with drug addiction for many years, and finally lost the battle a few years back, Andrew found himself trying to move through a sea of complex emotions that come with losing someone close to you. Instead of looking at his past as something he needed to move on from, Andrew wanted to draw inspiration from all of his past experiences – the good, the bad, the ugly – to use them as motivation to move forward and acknowledge those things that make you who you are. Beautifully imperfect.

‘Old Ghosts’ is Black Sands first collaboration with Ryan Courtney – aka Trenton. After struggling to find the right vocalist who could get the haunting but powerful rock vibe, Andrew found Ryan. Who nailed the lyrics, melodies and overall creative themes that he was going for in ‘Old Ghosts’

Discussing the release, Black Sands explains: “There are a lot of lyrical examples but “How do you expect to win, when you’re scared to start again?” really hits the idea of how crippling a loss of a loved one can be. How can you move on and celebrate someone’s life if you can’t find the courage and confidence to move on? Using your past as a building block to face your fears or pain you’ve faced can be powerful and courageous, but before you can do that, you need to face the ghosts of your past and acknowledge they’re always a part of who you are.

Who Is Black Sands?

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Black Sands is the recording project of Andrew Balfour, a Milwaukee-born, California-bred, and Amsterdam-based music producer, creator, and collaborator. Named for the natural phenomenon where lava meets water and shatters into sand, Black Sands invites contrasting perspectives to collide, creating a new sound that’s fresh yet familiar. A former touring artist in alternative rock bands, Andrew blends his dark rock beats with modern pop and rock instrumentation alongside R&B vocals inspired by The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, and Post Malone.

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