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Break into the Asian Market: New High-Budget Song Placement Briefs

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KDigital Media have been using our platform for over a year now and have bought over $100,000 worth of song placements through the platform for their artists. With this in mind, here’s a timeline of their past success from the platform along with the current song placement opportunities they’re A&Ring for.

 Current Project Briefs;

Male Love Ballads for Hong Kong Artist – Master Buyouts

Warm Feeling Male Love Ballads for Philippine Artist

Mid-tempo Commercial Dance Songs For Philippine Artist – Master Buyout

If you’re interested in any of the briefs above, create an account for free on Music Gateway and submit your track(s). All submissions for KDigital Media are taken through the Music Gateway platform and below are some of the successful song placements that have been completed by KDigital and Music Gateway previously.

Anda – Mastering

K Digital have used Music Gateway to progress Anda’s career in a highly successful way with Asian Pop incorporating western fusions. Mastering was the first track worked on through Music Gateway. K Digital found Producer Little Tokyo who gave the original song demo a much needed revamp.

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Anda – Touch

From touch-up productions to acquiring the full track and mastering, unlike Mastering, Touch (Written by Rosina “Soaky” Russell” and Dernst Emile (D’Mile)) was a start to finish Music Gateway success. Secured by Soaky through pitching to a K Digital A&R project they quickly landed the deal. The song proved a good success with Anda’s popularity across the globe growing and with 100,000 more views than her previous single the success speaks for itself.

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The next two song successes see a collaboration with Notting Hill Music Publishing’s songwriter Danielle Senior who placed two songs with K Digital’s girl band TWINS. One of the thing’s that was highlighted about Senior’s success was the quality of her demos which is something we’re constantly reminding pitchers about when submitting to song and sync placement opportunities.

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John Saunderson, Head of Notting Hill Music Publishing, was thrilled to hear Danielle Senior secured yet another successful placement with K Digital Media. Notting Hill Music Publishing are avid users of the site as well as having their own Private Network to manage their own catalogue and briefs.

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Raymond Lam – Heart Attack

Danielle Senior also secured song placements through K Digital Media for EEG artist, Raymond Lam. It goes to show that if you understand the music market you’re pitching to enough you can secure a range of deals.

Anda – Taxi

Taxi was released as early as last week and is Anda’s first release of the new year. The song has caused much engagement and buzz across the mediums it has been released on and is another track success for the Publishing company using Music Gateway as an A&R vehicle and project management tool.

Taxi was written and produced by “Da Beatfreakz”, and the one song was secured by Marlon L Mclain through the use of our platform.

Coming Soon

K Digital have a number of further songs to release (also secured through our platform) so much to look forward to for your viewing/listening pleasure. Stay tuned for more information on this following their release but for now here are some live projects you might like to get involved with and secure your own success with KDigital Media in the Asian music market. 

To pitch to the above projects, check out other projects live on the site or create your own projecst, create your account today.

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