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Calling all Artists & Booking Agents- Get Booking with BookYou!

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We at Music Gateway are always looking for new ways of making your lives easier so today we would like to share BookYou with well… you!

When it comes to artists and booking agents it is all about keeping your business life efficient and manageable with good communication. Experience the convenience of a completely automated system that takes you through the entire booking process. Reminders to contact clients, confirming of orders and well-timed payment ensure that you have time left for matters that are really important to you: sell your service and practice your profession.

Timing to the customer is very important.”

A booking process contains several important action moments. Keeping track on all these actions takes a lot of time. BookYou helps you to create an efficient workflow. With BookYou, your total administration per booking only takes a maximum of 10 minutes. This includes filling in client- and location data, as well as the sending of the offer, the contract, ‘signature return’ reminders, checklists, call sheets, follow ups, invoices and possible payment reminders.

“More customers, more bookings, at a higher rate.”

BookYou ensures that you get more clients, that book with you more and more often, against higher rates than you’re used to. You make more money and above all, in less time! BookYou is the first online booking application with integrated marketing tools for artists, DJ’s and ambitious agencies. The seven tools of BookYou easily increase your sales!

Sounds good? Well it just gets better…BookYou is also now venturing into social networking with its new Facebook App ‘The Book Button’!

From now on, booking requests and inquiries can be made via Facebook. By mail you will receive an overview, which you can process with your free BookYou account. The professional appearance, interaction and accessibility provide more booking requests. Very handy!

“So install the button, and grab that booking.”

I personally think it is a great site as it gives you much better control over your business life and when booking many things at once it can easily get very confusing and stressful however it is clear to me that BookYou takes away that stress, tells you to relax and let them help. So get signed up to BookYou today to make your life that little bit simpler.

Check out the BookYou today.

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