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CEO/Founder Patrik Remann J discusses with us innovation and discovery

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CEO and founder of “PR Records Label Group” Patrik Remann J has been listening to music since he was young, having become a DJ at 13 years of age, Remann first began playing at a lot of schools and nightclubs. 30 years later, he’s still not tired of the music business. Back in 2003, the label owner often found himself sending a large number of demos to different record labels. Unfortunately, this approach wasn’t working, as a resounding “NO” always came back to Remann. However, rather than giving up, Remann decided to start his own label and release his own music and “PR Records Label Group” was born!

After a few months, the founder decided to not just stick with his own music, but also get demos in to assure that good new producers’ music was heard. Since then, PR Records have grown to be a music group, with different labels and publishing.

We were intrigued to find out what approach this small but passionate label has taken in order to stay relevant in a major record label dominated market. Remann J simply said,

“We are always trying to develop the artists, nowadays we don’t have options or anything in our contracts, but the ones who stay for a few releases, we help to develop. Both in songwriting, but also with collaborations with lyrics writers, vocalists and more.”

This personable collaborating approach has been one that has seemed to work for the label over the past years, making sure all those who work, come across or who are signed to the label feel seen and heard. Along with having your papers in order and only doing business with people you can trust, the company has learnt is a fair amount in its early years of business. We asked Remann, what were the plans for the next 5 years of the business.

“Our plan is to set up a network of labels worldwide to license our music to, we are good in some markets, but I’m sure there are other labels that are much better in other areas with promotion, contacts with DJs and radio stations in their area. The biggest challenge is to get the songs heard on radio, and to get on big playlists on Spotify.”

The label has a wide selection of music styles from Pop to R&B to House and Techno. Alongside these creative genres are the many artists who perform them which vary from singer/songwriters, DJs, and composers. The company is always working on more projects, a few have actually been discovered on our platform.

A few of the releases to check out are:

– Rod & Ebba – Summer Paradise

– Coma Baby – Take Me

– The Swede Feat. Pazia – Invincible

Remann has been working hard lately on a new project together with JAS, who he got in touch with via Мusic Gateway. “She sent a short demo to one of my projects, and her voice was perfect for the song. She had also written some really good lyrics as well”

At first, the plan was just to work together for a couple of tracks that needed vocals, but they worked together so well that they ended up creating an entire album together. This album will be released worldwide in September and consists mostly of deep house vibes with a couple of tracks that could become hits.

Remann said “When this project is finished, I will definitely put more projects on Мusic Gateway, I have been using the platform now for a few years, and I always connect with great people! The platform is easy to use and there is so much talent, so it’s sometimes hard to choose who to continue to work with.” He also adds that he’s still working with a lot of contacts that he made from Мusic Gateway.

We asked Remann, what the main advantages were of running projects through the platform as opposed to working with existing connections. Remann expressed his experience and success with the platform: “The good thing is that you have all the conversations, all files collected in one place in every different project. It is very easy to manage compared to before, when you had to search through all your emails and never knowing what version of the song that was the latest. We have gained a lot of new connections as well, good producers, remixers, lyrics writers, vocalists etc. that has made us much better and the songs that we are releasing are much higher standard!”

The label is always looking for new acts and artists, their advice to budding new artists or anyone wanting to get involved in song placement opportunities is as follows, “The best thing when pitching here on Мusic Gateway is to read the pitch and submit your best song or refer to a specific song on your profile. When you send your demo to a label directly, send a streaming link to the song, and write something short about yourself and your song, and what you would like for the song, record deal, publishing deal, licensing etc.”

If you’d like to keep updated with the company simply click here where releases and more information about the company can be found.

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