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Check Out The Highly Anticipated KD `2020 Vision` - Out Now!

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New music comes just in time to carry you through this week! We are thrilled to bring you the new single and mixtape by budding artist, KD. It’s bound to become your new favorite with its refreshing take on the urban genre.

One can’t help but feel happy listening to this new hit. Check out ‘2020 Vision’ now, available through various streaming platforms! 

‘2020 Vision’ KD – The Versatile Single

‘2020 Vision’ is a single from KD’s new mixtape, given the same title. It does a great job of representing the mixtape, in which it provides a new modernized take on rap – a true expression of KD’s infectious positivity and versatility as an artist. With the help of an uptempo melody, a natural flow of lyrics along with resilient vocals, the track gives off a relaxing yet vibing tune. 

Who is KD?

KD photoshoot

KD, otherwise known as Daniel Ehigie, is a 22-year old Nigerian rapper. He moved to London just three years ago. Despite having a childhood surrounded by music, it wasn’t until KD was 18 years old that he realized his artistic ability and fierce drive. This realization has sparked a fire and deep passion for music as seen in his releases to date.

KD utilizes music as an outlet to instill positivity in others. He feels that; 

“Music is a way of being free to create change”

Transforming negative energy into positive is a personal mission of his, and serves as the main driving force behind his music. KD has a powerful story and hopes that with this mindset, his music he can inspire those who want to instill positive change within themselves.

It seems the positive energy that is channeled into his music has come full circle, as he has already made a bang in the industry! He holds a strong presence on Spotify, with his 3 previous singles collectively accumulating more than 100,000+ streams. KD’s reputation as a vibrant urban performer & versatile lyricist is growing exponentially with each new release.

`2020 Vision` – The Versatile Mixtape

‘2020 Vision’ is KD’s exciting new mixtape, out now. The much-awaited body of work is a glistening reflection of the young artist’s humble and honest journey as a rapper. The mixtape is unlike any other, as it holds an inquisitive modern trap style whilst giving subtle nods to a number of contemporary influences. 

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