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Cold Blood – Tamahau

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Jonathan Robinson


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Smooth modulated guitars, eclectic samples and blistering synth bass. Tamahau puts out a catchy blend of lo-fi and R&B on this track.

Cold Blood

Opening with John Mayer style vamping and vocal melody, the straightforward and slightly coloured progression defines the bedded loop of the track. This same phrase is added to and layered for dynamic and compositional variation throughout the piece. 

With the hook of the track presenting the motif at its most elaborate, we hear a host of electronic percussion techniques, rhythmic and counter-rhythmic samples, amongst more organic sounding vocal harmonisation and guitar embellishments. The harmonic vocal delivery harkens back to those typical of Mac Miller tracks, particularly Swimming era.

The success of this track is found in how appropriately and artistically the variations are coerced. Samples used to emphasis and reinforce elements of the hook range from downsampled electronic chirps from a synthesiser, to more sophisticated resonant filtered snare sounds.

Though acting as a bombardment of contrasting sound (from those present in the verses) the chorus manages to balance its fuller mix into a supporting position behind and around the leading voice. This works so well by sticking to the same swing rhythm found in the other sections. 
Cold Blood stylishly illustrates more adventurous production approaches to contemporary music to bring a unique voice to a tried and tested sound.

  • Overall rating: 8/10
  • Pairs well with: Swimming Mac Miller

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Cold Blood

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