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Composer Michael Bishop Continues to make exciting moves

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Michael Bishop is a musician and composer with a very broad range of skills which spread across orchestral, rock, jazz and blues music plus much more. Having studied piano at a younger age and now currently playing gypsy jazz in a band, we discovered that the musician has even had samba guitar music featured in Julien Temple’s ‘Rio 50 degrees’ international edit and has played in many various genres which explain why he has such a broad scope as a composer. Before he excelled in the world of music, he was previously an illustrator and painter,

 “Film music seemed a good way to combine the visual and musical experience.

I think it’s very important for a composer to be visually aware, it really helps you

‘see’ the music working.” (Michael Bishop)

Having recently finished the score for a film titled ‘The Thirteenth’ (1066 Productions) set on the island of Symi Greece which was mainly orchestral and also working with. Red and Bear Ltd who got Michael the Julien Temple work and more. This was as he stated some the 2 best career highlights he’s been privileged to embark on. He was also able to write and produce a song with Ashley Slater (of Freak Power and Kitten and the Hip fame) sang and played some cool trombone on – Video out soon.

Having been involved in such amazing projects in the past, we asked Bishop what has been his biggest music inspiration? He simply replied,

“Musically I love Morricone  and the great film composers like Williams, Barry, Herrmann, Shore, and Newman.

and personally, I like the challenge and excitement of working on a new project.”
Michael, although still growing and learning in this field let us know getting a music supervisor’s attention and pitching to the right briefs is all about who you know and being professionally minded, getting to know the right filmmakers. In this, this comes with growing in your skill, as the more you know the better you’ll be able to articulate what needs to be done correctly. We asked Michael Bishop how he’s been able to do this as a composer,

 “Just by doing. When I started ‘The Thirteenth’ I didn’t know if I could do it but you have to believe in yourself and learn on the job. If in doubt ask someone who knows. The experience is your education”

‘The Thirteenth’ is now finished and looking for distribution. Another short film Michael Bishop has worked/is working on is called ‘The Widower’ starring Tony Osaba of ‘Porridge” fame.


To keep up to date with the musician and composer simple click onto these websites which can be accessed here and here.

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