Donna Harfield Graduates To The Promotion Roster

Written by Mary Woodcock

19 August 2019

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Donna Harfield Graduates To The Promotion Roster

It’s been a short while since we actually first started working with Donna, but now is the time for her to step out into the spotlight and join our music promotions roster! Donna has been working with our Artist Development team and we’ve been up to a lot in that time. Donna describes her style as “music to move and mend”, and is on a mission to use her soulful, yet entertaining storytelling style to empower women and to help heal broken hearts.

She has a mature and pure vocal and is a lyrical songwriter with a piano ballad bias, using real experiences to fuel her songs and decisions.

We’re very excited to announce that Donna’s first release will be a cover of ‘Perfect’ by P!nk. A song that is close to Donna’s heart and a great way to kick off her first ever single campaign!

Donna Harfield P!nk Perfect Cover

Donna has experienced highs & lows in the form of love and tragedy; she writes from her own experiences as a cathartic release for both herself and other women. A resilient and talented artist, Donna’s voice is clear and strong: she stands for independence, confidence, optimism and courage.

Do you want to follow in Donna’s footsteps and get music promotion? It’s not as difficult as you think! Get in touch with our music promotion team here.

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