Don’t Hunt About for Rental Gear, Just Get It! – Spotlight on The Audio Hunt

Written by Mary Woodcock

27 November 2014

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When we hear about a company that we like, simply because they just make life easier, we just can’t help but let you guys know about them. So let us tell you a bit more about ‘The Audio Hunt’.  

Have you ever found that you’ve needed some equipment or instruments in short notice, or have any spare gear lying around? The Audio Hunt gives a solution to both of these problems. It is an online rental marketplace and community for instruments and audio equipment. Instead of expensive hire costs, you can find a friendly face nearby who can rent you some gear at a good price. You can also make money off your spare instruments and equipment by renting it out through the site as well. Even if you can’t rent out your gear, you can still make money by offering your services on them. Users will be able to send you audio or midi files for you to process it using your set up.


This revolutionary concept was thought up by accomplished recording and mix engineer Stephen Bartlett, who says:


“It’s an old cliché that the industry ‘ain’t what it used to be’. Making music has never been more accessible and we’re making more of it than ever before, yet we also know that budgets are being spread thinner and thinner to accommodate the sheer amount of output.


There needs to be a better way of accessing the kit that engineers and artists require to produce quality material, whilst also supporting the same hard-working community. That’s where The Audio Hunt idea came from.


Choose whether you want to hire it in rather than make another purchase, or rent out your gear which just isn’t getting used any more. Most importantly, you can choose the rates and conditions that suit you. Simple.”


If you are looking for affordable equipment for hire or want to rent out your equipment, you can sign up with our friends at The Audio Hunt by clicking here!


Have you ever considered going on tour? Well, once you’ve grabbed some equipment from The Audio Hunt, you can hire a tour manager through Music Gateway and hit the road!


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