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Double Your Data – Why Data is the name of the game in 2.0

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Mary Woodcock


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DOUBLE YOUR DATA! Upgrade to any annual account today to receive double the standard Data Allowance

Our new and improved platform comes with a tonne of new features and benefits. Not seen it yet? We’ve summarised everything for you right here.

The most important part of the new site is our central File Storage system. So to celebrate our 2.0 launch we are offering a limited time offer to double your data allowance on any of the annual accounts. More data means more room for your files, but the exciting part is what you can do with your files once they’re here. You can access them anywhere at anytime, add them to playlists, send them to clients and put them forward for opportunities.

Of course all of this needs data. I know what you’re thinking: Why should I care about data? How does it benefit me as a creative? Well, listen up.

All Your Files, One Place

 No more scrambling about for tracks to meet urgent deadlines, or uploading the same track multiple times for different briefs. Your centralised storage system will act as a 360 solution for all of your different needs: Store your files, access opportunities, pitch on them straight away and access your files anywhere including on the go with our new App!

More Data, No Limits

On Music Gateway 2.0, we are removing many of the limitations you may have previously had on your account. Gone are pitching limits and playlist creation limits. We are empowering creatives to explore and utilize all of the opportunities available on the site, and make the most of your account. For example you can curate and design as many playlists of your music as your data allocation allows! The more tracks you want to upload the more Data you will need to utilise.

Keep The Quality High

Lots of our sync briefs require you to submit WAV files. These are usually requested due to their high quality in comparison to MP3s or other compressed file formats. WAV files are therefore larger than MP3s, so you guessed it, they require more data. If all your tracks are stored on your account at WAV quality you will never miss out on an urgent Sync Brief or any opportunity. The tracks will be right there, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

As you can see there are many different ways that having more data on your Music Gateway Profile can benefit you. By having all your files available in one location we are empowering creatives like you by helping you streamline your workflow and simplifying your day-to-day work. We take care of your files to save you time and give you more time to be creative and be the best that you can be!

For a limited time only, you can receive DOUBLE DATA ALLOWANCE on ANY of our annual accounts! Sign up now

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