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Dozenz ‘Invincible (By Night)’: Empowering – Out Now!

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With vocals reminiscent of Enrique Iglesias’ rockier moments, combined Panic! At The Disco’s punchy, confident and high-energy hooks, ‘Invincible (By Night)‘ is supercharged from start to finish. – Out Now!

‘Invincible (By Night)’: A Saviour

Invincible (By Night) Artwork Blog

Having face racism and discrimination on three continents and being a third-culture kid, Dozenz felt disillusioned and tired. Feeling alone and apathetic, he wrote ‘Invincible (By Night)‘ in a ‘kind of Fight Club way, creating a character like Tyler Durden in his head which saves him, insisting they ‘have a plan’ and envisioning what he’d want to hear – the became the basis for the lyrics.

Following the trend of tracks like ‘Immortal‘ by Fall Out Boy, Dozenz intended the track to feel pounding & driving with an empowering message, drenched in electronic and digital elements.

Overall, I wanted it to create this feeling of victory and positivity – the key message being that we will change the world, eventually.

Who Is Dozenz?

Abu Dhabi based producer/songwriter Saleh ‘Dozenz‘ Hamed’s music takes influences from all over. From producers like Teddy Riley (Michael Jackson, Blackstreet) and Brian Eno (U2. Coldplay) to Kanye West, Calvin Harris, Mark Ronson, Max Martin, Nigel Godrich (Radiohead), Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys) and Berry Gordy.

From MC to alt-rocker; as a kid, Saleh spent hours in the car with his mother during long commutes back and forth to school. She would play the radio, talk about what she liked and why, in essence, teaching him the basic ins and outs of music – and he was always listening. By his estimation, it was these very drives that would inspire and perpetuate his love for music.

Living on three different continents has resulted in his unique multicultural sonic saturation; in hindsight, it seems almost inevitable: the creation of his music brand, Dozenz, a moniker which sees him searching both locally and abroad for talented collaborators, and thus his existence has become writing, recording, releasing, repeat.

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