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DrEw – ‘These Depths’ – Out Now!

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‘These Depths’ is a deeply personal track to DrEw. He wrote it towards the end of December as a “last-minute positive reflection on 2020”.

Listen to the track here and read more about DrEw and ‘These Depths’ below!

‘These Depths’

The track reflects on what was an extremely tough year for DrEw. After leaving his job in academia to focus full-time on studying and writing music, DrEw fell seriously ill.

At the end of 2019, he was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer and had emergency surgery in January 2020 followed by 6 months of chemotherapy – all matched by an international pandemic. However, he found that even amidst the madness he was enjoying music more than ever. He recorded and released his first two singles whilst he was still having treatment. He puts this amazing feat down, primarily, to the power of music. Deceptively lighthearted in its instrumentation, ‘These Depths’ is underpinned by a catchy electric piano hook overlaid with classic 90s Britpop style vocals.

“I hope the track inspires a super positive message that even in the most difficult of times, there is light, and the best way to see that light, is to accept whatever happens.”

Who Is DrEw?

Drew is an independent musician from Manchester, UK, who now resides by the southeast coast where he writes and records his music in his home studio. Whilst DrEw’s full name is ‘Andrew’, DrEw was chosen as his artist name as a nod to his past life as an academic and his PhD in political theory. Whilst as a teen he played in all sorts of bands. He has spent the last 20 years of his life writing and teaching about politics. However, he never stopped playing music and writing songs, and has been doing it full time since 2020.

Alongside classic artists like The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, DrEw cites U2, The Stone Roses, Radiohead, The Smiths, Fontaines D.C. and Belle & Sebastian as key influences – finding inspiration from all corners of the indie scene. Each track he produces varies in style – he purposefully chooses not to attach himself to one genre, mainly due to the fact he feels he can’t stick to just one.

Having roots in both philosophy and music means DrEw believes a 3-minute pop song has the same power and capacity for change as a 500-page academic book. He wholeheartedly believes such complex themes as the human condition should be accessible to everybody with no elitism. Completely self-taught in production, DrEw incorporates his passion for reading about the human condition into all his music – whether through its complex lyrical themes or Mandala-style album art.

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