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DSV Audio ‘Rebirth’: A Compilation Album For Charity

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UK based label DSV Audio enter a thoughtful new phase with their album Rebirth. Featuring a collection of the finest dubstep and bass music that the scene has to offer, the Rebirth compilation showcases artists of all magnitudes. Providing a distinctive soundscape whilst also forming a cohesive unit.

Who Are DSV?

DSV Logo

DSV Audio began as a promotional channel in 2015 but quickly blossomed into a full-service music label by 2017. The independent and family-owned label has provided a conduit for artists of all sizes to release their music and gain exposure. DSV Audio deliver consistent projects & have done since the label’s inception. Notable releases among their catalogue include Jiqui’s ‘World Ender’ EP and Remixes, DSV’s ‘Colony’ compilation, Nasko’s ‘Savages’, and more. In February 2020, the label announced a forthcoming hiatus to work on a much larger project, the Rebirth compilation album.

As a family-run label, the creative forces behind DSVAudio understand the magnitude of shedding light on critical issues such as suicide awareness as the matter is deeply personal to them.

As the label enters a new chapter, DSVAudio continues to be a driving force within the bass-centric music community. The release of Rebirth is only the beginning of this new direction for the label, as they aim to continue to bring awareness to the mental health issues that plague the music industry. Intertwining their passion, giving back to the community and raising consciousness with powerful bass and dubstep releases, DSVAudio takes the label to the next level. It solidifies their significant place within the industry.

‘Rebirth’: Shedding A Light On The Music and Creative Industries

DSV Audio Charity Album Artwork

Rebirth showcases twelve tracks from various artists of all proportions including BAINBRIDGEJiqui, MATT DOE and DirtySnatcha. Each track on the compilation offers a refreshing soundscape whilst also forming a continuity for the whole project.

With tracks like:

‘Skull Busta’

The second track on the album is one of the focal tracks on the compilation, ‘Skull Busta’ from BAINBRIDGE. Primed for all bass music lovers, this powerful release showcases BAINBRIDGE’s signature sound with a unique soundscape and distorted vocals.


Cleverly combining the unique sounds of both MATT DOE and Jiqui. ‘Doequi’ offers a relentless production that consumes the listener for the entirety of the track.

‘Take You Higher’

A distinct feature on the album, DirtySnatcha‘s ‘Take You Higher’ features an alluring female vocal unit. Instilling the message of the song with the listener, before the jolting soundscape encompasses the track.

Serving as a showcase for the label and artists involved, the Rebirth compilation also aims to shed light on the ever-growing mental health issues within the music and creative industries.

Providing a much-needed movement within the industry, DSV Audio will be donating 50% of the proceeds they receive from the Rebirth compilation to the UK mental health charity SANE, as well as a JustGiving fundraiser. Marking the beginning of a long term movement for DSV Audio, as they plan to implement change in their release structure and cohesively boost awareness for mental health for many years to come.

Presave Rebirth, learn more about SANE as a charity and consider supporting DSV‘s fundraiser below.

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Featured Artists



Filled with grimy aggression with charming melodies, BAINBRIDGE’s unique dubstep style has been recognised around the country and beyond. Hailing from the northern expanse of Minnesota, Reggie Moe has released tracks on major labels that have been heard by crowds of thousands, mesmerising fans with a full experience that continues to push the industry forward. BAINBRIDGE’s place established himself in the bass music genre after dropping his larger-than-life track, Immortals, on Disciple Round Table’s Knights of the Round Table Vol. 3 Compilation. His records played out at EDC Las Vegas, Lost Lands and many other festivals, have spotlighted his music and left fans seeking more. After releasing the Genesis EP on Disciple Round Table in early 2020, he’s been in the studio producing signature sounds and refining his brand that broke through so strong heading into the new decade. Artists such as Excision, 12th Planet, Modestep, ATLiens, Soltan, Bandlez, Calcium, and more have supported BAINBRIDGE, lifting him as a producer with some of the catchiest tracks in the scene. 


His immersive soundscapes are influenced by more than a decade of classical music training on the piano, trumpet and guitar. Hints of those elements can be found in his music through chord progressions and catchy vocals, rounding out what BAINBRIDGE is known for: the filthy, bouncy and hypnotising riddim that is a mainstay in the dubstep community.

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Born and raised in the heart of where dubstep originated, Leigh Bray, better known as DirtySnatcha, produces a variety of heavy original tracks ranging from dubstep, to trap, to riddim. His collaborations with artists like Riot Ten, Lucii, Boogie T, Monxx, Squnto, Walter Wilde, Rico Act, have proven that he can produce a variety of music. Capable of appealing to bass heads from all ages and areas of the world.

Along with his growing career as a music producer, DirtySnatcha also runs his very own record label, DirtySnatcha Records, who are dedicated to helping artists further their careers by providing promotion and feedback, with hopes to see everyone succeed in the music industry.

Poised to take over the world with his music, you will not find a more dedicated producer than DirtySnatcha.

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Canadian DJ and producer, Matt Doe, is quickly taking the industry by storm with his powerful music and his endless inspiration in the studio. Although his name may be new to the scene, his experience behind the booth is far from amateur.

Having performed under previous aliases, including Frathouse Music and Maradona, Matt had the opportunity of playing at numerous venues which allowed him to grow as an artist and become more and more comfortable behind the booth. As he established himself as a solo artist, he quickly realised that he needed a fresh start with a name that would genuinely stick in people’s heads and a sound that made him unique; This is when the Matt Doe project came to life.

In February of 2019, Matt Doe released his first EP ‘Tremor’ which took the world by surprise. This EP included one of his biggest hits to date ‘Fire Penguin’. This track got recognition and support from many Artists that have inspired his journey in the music industry. Following this release, Matt Doe was featured on Subcarbon Records with his track ‘LYA’ and soon after on Dim Mak with an official remix of Tisoki & Watgood’s song ‘Relate’. Fast forward a few months, and he has now released a second song on Subcarbon, ‘Dangdoe’, with his hometown friend Mike Danglez as well as a second release on Dim Mak, ‘ANUBIS’, with his buddies Fools of Wisdom.

With his high energy sets and connection to his crowds, Matt Doe has made it clear that he is here to stay. His drive and passion for envisioning and creating hard-hitting bass music will ensure that you will hear a lot more from the young Canadian producer in the years to come.

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Jordan Komarniski, also known as Jiqui, is a young producer from Vancouver, BC. After a hugely successful year in 2019, and a strong start to 2020, Jiqui has genuinely started to make a name for himself in the dubstep scene.

Jiqui has scored some major label releases in the past years including releases with NSD: Black Label, Odio Records, Kinphonic & DSV Audio. He’s also had features and premieres on Dub Rebellion for both singles and mixes. Jiqui has collaborated with TRVCY, Charlie Zane and SHARPS (to name a few) and has much more in the works with artists who have inspired his musical journey.

While gaining significant support from artists such as Excision, Zomboy, Tynan, and many more, the young Canadian producer has been stepping his game up in the studio and is excited to show the world what he’s been making. With his constant creativity in the studio and his energy during his live performances, Jiqui is ready to make the next years memorable.

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