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East African Label Taurus Musik presents Keemlyf and Tallie

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East African label Taurus Musik has collaborated with Music Gateway to showcase two exciting new artists. Introducing Keemlyf with afro-pop release ‘Answer‘ and Tallie with dancehall banger ‘Get It’!

Keemlyf – ‘Answer’

Keemlyf has spent years honing his craft, blending afro-pop and R&B styles. Growing up in Nairobi, Kenya, it was difficult to get noticed and find the right people to work with.

Keemlyf sings seamlessly over Afro-beats, and incorporates Nigerian Pidgin English into his work, despite the fact he has never visited the UK.

‘Answer’ is Keemlyf’s latest offering. It leads on from his previous release ‘Pita Na Wewe’, which declared his love for a girl. ‘Answer’ asks her to give him a response and tell him what she wants.

The track features Kenyan singer-songwriter Chemutai Sage, who sings as the girl in question – answering to his previous lament and telling him everything he wants to hear.

With a dancy beat, funky synths and layered with Keemlyf’s unique vocal style, ‘Answer’ is a sure-fire hit. Listen now on Spotify or watch the music video on YouTube!

Tallie – ‘Get It’

Tallie is an up and coming artist from Kenya. Whilst a Dancehall queen at heart, she is quickly cementing her presence in the Gengetone scene.

She quickly caught the attention of both public and press with her sensual release ‘Like That’ in 2019, followed by sophomore single ‘Bugia’ in May 2020, which came complete with an erotic and empowering music video.

Ultimately, Tallie wants to create music that makes listeners feel good and confident in their own body.

Get It’ is an ode to all beautiful people.

‘In Kenya, when you want to compliment someone on how beautiful or handsome they are, you say “he/she can GET IT”,‘ says Tallie. ‘So, I basically wrote the song for all my beautiful boys and girls out there.’

Empowering, independent and confident, ‘Get It’ is a true Dancehall anthem with a beat and hook that you can’t help but swing your hips to. Tallie hopes the track inspires others to tell others how beautiful they are.

The track was recorded at Kompakt Records in Nairobi, and was produced by Kashkeed. Writing and recording took only 7 hours.

‘It was an awesome experience,’ recounts Tallie. ‘I can remember running back home just so we beat the curfew due to the ongoing pandemic.’

‘Get it’ is out now all streaming services. Listen now on Spotify or watch the commandeering and sexy music video on YouTube.

Who are Taurus Musik?

Since 2012, African record label Taurus Musik has successfully managed numerous artists including Lady Jaydee, Alicios Theluji, Atemi Oyungu and Kagwe Mungai.

Covering PR, promotion and release, Taurus Musik have become a force to be reckoned with in East Africa.

The label aims to restore and preserve African culture by fusing together musical styles from across the continent. They empower artists by helping them collaborate with different producers and other musicians.

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