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Egomunk ‘Broken Beds’: Genre-Defying And Innovative – Out Now!

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Allowing creative freedom to lead them rather than their identity. The mysterious Egomunk’s genre-defying music moves you beyond comfort zones by fusing ethereal soundscapes with allusive lyrics about impactful topics.

‘Broken Beds’: Your Old Self

Broken Beds’ addresses the complex daily battles of the mind, meditating on the past while seeking a positive future.

Pushing boundaries yet again, the creativity and finesse showed in ‘Broken Beds‘ is another example of Egomunk‘s ability to combine seemingly disparate genres and concepts to form genre-defying and innovative sounds.

“This is a track all about the feeling of being in the doldrums about some aspect of your life, relationship, work or whatever. Deep inside you can start to feel your old self coming back to normal, so you stop feeling moody and down and fight back to being up and positive and ready to take on the world again.” – Egomunk

Who is Egomunk?

Egomunk’s true identity has been one of the most closely guarded secrets in the music industry since the release of debut album ‘Footsteps to Mars‘ in 2016, with collaborators asked to sign non-disclosure agreements, asked if they have ever considered abandoning this anonymity, the answer is a resounding no.

They explain, ”I don’t think we would abandon our anonymity as we never intended for the focus to be on family, friends and relationships. If people want to comment, let that be about listening to the music and hopefully gleaning something fulfilling from that experience and not the introspection of tabloid gossip or lurking in social media. Without revealing who we are, there can be no expectations creatively or critique about what we are expected to deliver.

Inspired by the musical stylings of Temper Trap, Bon Iver, Beck, David Bowie and Travis Scott, the cryptic creative of filmmakers like Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick, and the support of their own family, Egomunk makes that is equally impactful and philosophical as it is imaginative and fun.

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